Is Nectar Mattress the Best Back Pain Relieving Mattress?

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2018 )

A person who has gone through back pain knows how it feels. The excruciating pain distracts you from everything. You cannot work correctly, and sleep is a distant dream for you. Moreover, parties are like punishments for you. You are may be desperately seeking help for the cure of back pain.

There are a lot of things you can do to cure this pain. You can use a hot water bottle in the back to get some comfort. Painkiller is also recommended with doctor’s prescription. And one of the best thing you can do for this back pain is changing your mattress.

Comfortable sleeping helps with back pain. Nectar mattress is considered one of the best mattress for back pain. Let’s talk about why is it the best?

How Is It Made?

The Nectar mattress is made to take extra care for you. Multiple layers of memory foam have been used here. It is also an inch quilted into the cover, so you get the best feeling from your sleeper. You can relieve your stress here by sinking into the bed.

The Cover:

Tencel cotton blended cover is eco-friendly and breathable material. It is used in the nectar mattress. One inch that is quilted into the cover is gel memory foam. It lets your body release its pressure and clings to your body’s perfect shape. When you get support in the back that lowers the pain in the back.

Middle Layers:

Below the cover of nectar mattress two layers of memory foam is used. And under that, there are three layers of gel memory foam. This structure helps to distribute your body pressure to relax the body.

Then again comes a layer that’s acting as a transition layer from the soft layers of the upper portion. This layer is springy and responses to pressure faster. This layer gives us pressure relief, and bounce is its plus point.

Base Layer:

The base layer is made up of poly foam. This portion supports all the layers from the upper parts and creates the foundation. It makes sure that the sleeper does not fall and keep being in shape.

How Firm It Is?

If the rating is done for this mattress it will get 7 out of 10 for firmness. It is a medium range of hardness for people’s preference. The quilted cover feels very soft as well. The entire body feels like it is slowly sinking into the bed with a hug. It is precisely what you need for getting rid of back pain.

For What Kind of Sleepers It Is Best?

Back sleepers will love this mattress for the hugging situation. It contours the bed with a body shape that gives full support to the back. Back pain sufferers will appreciate it a lot. Because with the help of body-hugging sleep one may overcome the pain. Side sleepers will be benefited from uniform pressure relief. Their weight is mainly placed in a small area still they won’t feel trapped in there. Stomach sleepers will not like this mattress for it hugging feature because this causes back pain. They do not get much support for sleeping so they should look for a firmer mattress.

Other Things to Consider:

1. The manufacturer gives 365 days trial period if you want to keep it or not. If you do not like it feel free to return it without any risk.

2. It has lifetime warranty that is great.

Size and Dimensions for the Mattress:

Twin- 39”x 72”x 11.”
Twin xl- 39”x 80”x 11.”
Full- 55”x74”x11.”
Queen- 60”x80”x11.”
King- 76” x 80”x11”
Cali king- 72”x84”x11”

Review of the Quality of the Mattress by Users:

Materials and quality- 8.5
Support and comfort- 9
Cooling- 8.6
Edge support-8.2
Trial and warranty- 9.5
Value for money- 9.5
Overall rating is- 8.8

Let’s see what our users are talking about this.

Fantastic. Best Sleep Ever!
I recently had to sell everything I own to move across the country. We were previously sleeping on a mattress that cost around $1,800 on a Memorial Day sale. It was great! We like a firm support mattress, and I have issues with my back and neck. Now that I am on a budget, I did my research and found Nectar with all of the positive reviews. I decided to give this a try. The mattress arrived on-time and undamaged. I knew it would arrive in a bag. We carefully opened the bag and rolled out the mattress. At first, the mattress looked like a twin size (ordered a full-size). I was worried but decided to just take the mattress out of the plastic. As soon as I cut the plastic, the mattress became wider. I knew it would get taller once we opened it, but I didn’t know it would get wider. After 3 nights, I can honestly say that this mattress is amazing!!!! I don’t think I have ever slept so well (and I thought I got great rest with my old mattress)!! We sleep like the dead, we wake up without any pain. LOVE THIS MATTRESS so far!! Will try to post a follow-up in another month or two.


So this was our take on nectar mattress. It seems to be one of the best hybrid mattresses for back pain patient or generally everyone. A good mattress ensures sound sleep. Your sleep is precious to keep your health good. So get a good mattress so that your back pain goes away. Also if you work at a desk on a day to day basis stretch a little bit every hour. You can walk a few steps sometimes to get better back in condition. Nectar maintains quality to give you soft, cozy mattress. It is quite affordable in comparison to another mattress. So do not hesitate more to get it.

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