What Are the Multiple Benefits of Using Marble Vanity Tops?

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2018 )

Marble vanity tops are gorgeous and magnificent natural stones. Marble is used since very long for bathroom vanity countertops around the world. They are available in various shades like white, green, pink, brown, etc. with surface patterns that are dynamic like waves, swirls, streaks, and flecks. All these features make them look more natural and elegant. With the advancement in techniques, these marbles are now available in various designs, finishes, and shapes.

Marble is a costly stone, but at the same time, grained marbles in color and colorless varieties add more elegance and spark to your common living space.

What Are the Multiple Benefits of Using Marble Vanity Tops

Top 9 Benefits of Using Marble Table Tops

1. Beautiful

Marble countertops are a long-lasting and elegant option for bathrooms. These types of countertops can go with various types of bathrooms that may include vintage and traditional. These are available in various color ranges including white, rose, black, yellow, green, gray, etc. These are also available in different types of finishes including polished, antiqued and honed. Each of them has their functionality.

2. Durable

Marbles are very resilient, sustainable and strong. These marble vanity tops prevent the frequent replacement of bathroom countertops that takes place with other materials used as countertops. Marble countertops are solid in the core. This can also lead to saving a significant amount of money in the long run.

3. Easy Cleaning

Marble countertops are easy to maintain and take care of. They require very normal cleaning. They are ideal for the bathroom as they are more sanitary than other countertops for the bathroom. These marble vanity countertops can be cleaned easily with water and a soft towel. Stains on these marble vanity tops can be easily removed by using baking soda and normal water. However, while using marble vanity tops, one should be careful not to use acidic detergents that can reduce the longevity of the stone.

4. Cooling Effect

Marbles can help in keeping the bathroom environment cool naturally. The cool environment is ideal for the bathroom environment where the temperature always rises due to hot showers and liquids. They are great for summer. These table tops have become one of the trendiest ways in enumerating the living elegance and décor of your home.

5. Easy Maintenance

Marble vanity countertops are very easy to maintain. Very less polishing can maintain these. They can be cleaned with only water and cloth. For more stubborn stains they can be cleaned with soap solutions.

6. Space

The bathrooms appear much more spacious than usual due to the natural light tone of marble. This makes the space more calm and clean so that people can freshen up peacefully before the start of the day as well as to refresh after a long and hectic day.

7. Cost-Effective

Even though marble vanity tops are a little expensive, but if taken proper care they can last very long even like for over 20 years. A real-life example of this is the numerous marble statues that were made in the past and are still here.

8. Heat Resistant

Marble vanity tops are very heat resistant. They will not get burnt or catch fire, so they can are a perfect countertop material to use in kitchens.

9. Styles and Colors

These are available in various types of techniques that can complement any type of bathroom and kitchen. They also have a natural shine.

Marble countertops should not be just ruled out due to their high price as they have a significant number of benefits and can save a lot of money in the long run. Marble vanity tops are the ideal form of countertops. You can now choose marble vanity tops from online portals and decorate your home and kitchen likewise. 

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