What Does a Knee Brace Do?

If you are involved in regular sports, then your knee may get injured due to the rapid movements. Even people suffering from osteoarthritis can have knee problems. The knee brace is a very effective solution for such problems. You can wear a knee brace to support your knee. It can give you relief from the pain as well. So, what does a knee brace do? You need to know it to understand why it is so useful.

Millions of people across the world suffer from knee injuries. It affects their mobility and can get worse over time if not treated properly. Wearing a knee brace is a simple and inexpensive solution. You should know the proper use of it so that you can get relief from your knee injuries.

Types of Knee Braces

If you have pain in your knees due to injury or other reasons, you should wear a knee brace. It can be used to prevent sports injuries as well. The knee braces are made of metal, plastic, foam and even elastic material. There are many options to choose from. You can choose by size, color, material, etc. The knee braces can be of four types:

  • Prophylactic braces protect your knee from injuries.
  • Functional braces help to support knee after an injury.
  • Rehabilitative braces help in healing after knee surgery.
  • Patellofemoral braces help the smooth movement of the kneecap over the knee joint.

If you are involved in sports, you should wear a knee brace for ACL injury, as this type of injury is very common. You can wear sport ankle brace too for additional support and prevention of injury.

What Does a Knee Brace Do?

There is some debate on the effectiveness of knee braces to recover from injuries. But most people agree that the functional and rehabilitative knee braces are most effective. The knee brace can manage particular conditions. These are discussed below.

  • It helps to manage inflammation after an injury. Wearing the knee brace can reduce the pain and help you to move freely.
  • It provides stability in case there is damage to the ligaments. The brace straps act as the external ligaments in this case and help you to stand up or walk.
  • It provides support to the knee. It can provide both soft and rigid support. In case you need soft support, you should buy a knee brace made from neoprene. For rigid support, you must use a knee brace made from the solid frame.

When you participate in extreme sports like snowboarding or motocross, you should wear a knee brace that provides rigid support. These extreme sports have a higher risk of getting injured on the knee. The knee brace will protect the knee. The braces with soft support can protect you from fall or relieve your knee pain.

Benefits of a Knee Brace

Knee brace not only helps you prevent an injury or recover from it, but a knee brace can also give you a healthier life. Here are the major benefits of wearing a knee brace.

  • If you have arthritis, a knee brace can help you stay active despite your pain.
  • It can prevent injury during a workout. It can also help you to exercise more comfortably.
  • If you have pain in the knee, you can wear a knee brace and still walk or do other low-impact exercises.
  • It keeps your ligaments and muscles in proper condition.
  • It helps to improve your posture also.

When Should You Wear a Knee Brace?

You should wear a knee brace if you are participating in any sports that have a high risk of falling and hurting your knees. The knee brace can protect your knees from severe damage. If you are suffering from ACL injury, then you can get comfort by wearing a knee brace. It will provide limited movement, and so you will be able to recover faster. Knee braces are helpful for those who have arthritis. It can reduce inflammation and pain.

What Can You Expect?

When wearing knee braces, you should make sure that it’s not too tight to prevent your circulation. It shouldn’t be too loose either; otherwise, it will be ineffective. You may feel uncomfortable wearing the knee brace at the beginning. Some people have irritation and swelling. If you see any major problem, you should consult a doctor.

It is better to visit an orthotist to know what type of knee brace is best for your condition. Besides the knee braces that are available in the market, you can also get custom-made knee braces. These braces will fit you exactly; however, they are expensive. The orthotist will tell you how to put on the knee brace properly and take it out. You should wear the knee brace according to the instructions of the orthotist to get the best results.

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