What Does a Protein Shake Do for You?

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When you visit a gym, you will find people take about protein shakes. These are great health supplements for the athletes, bodybuilders and those who want to be in good shape. Protein shakes have lots of benefits, that’s why it’s so popular. It is often taken as a breakfast drink and even taken after a workout. So, what does a protein shake do for you?

Which Protein Shake Is Better?

You can choose from various types of protein shakes. Whey protein is the most common one. Other protein shakes include casein protein, soy protein, egg protein, pea protein, and hemp protein.

Whey protein is now the most popular choice for building muscles and enhancing health. The biological value (BV) of protein is used to determine the quality of protein. A protein that has the highest BV is good for promoting growth. This is because protein with higher BV is better digested in the body. It is also retained well.

Whey protein has very high BV and it contains the essential and nonessential amino acids. BV, however, is not the only criteria for determining the quality of protein. There are other factors also. Halodrol is another popular supplement. You should consult a doctor to know about the halodrol dosage.

What Does a Protein Shake Do for You?

Though it is possible to meet the protein requirements without the protein shakes, people still prefer taking protein shakes for its extra benefits. Here are some benefits of consuming a protein shake.

Weight Loss

If you take a protein shake before going to bed at night, you will start losing weight. But you need to make sure that you are not taking more calories than recommended. The protein shakes will include more calories to your normal diet. So, if you decide to take a protein shake, you should adjust your diet. Protein shake increases the metabolism and so you burn calories faster. So, you will also lose weight quickly.

According to different studies, you need to consume 40 grams of proteins to best stimulate the protein growth rates while you are asleep. However, 40 grams of protein can equal to 160 calories when you add water to the protein powder. If you add milk, fruits, nut, etc. to it then the total calories can be about 300 or even more. So, you will need to subtract this extra calorie intake from your daily diet in order to lose weight.

Good for Muscle Growth

A protein shake is very effective for muscle growth and muscle protein synthesis. Those who want to build up muscles drink protein shakes after a hard workout. When you exercise the body lacks amino acid. So, a protein shake can fill up that gap. There will be more amino acids in your body which will help in the optimal muscle growth. Many athletes find it difficult to eat solid food after intense exercise. So, protein shakes can help in this case. Protein shakes can accelerate muscle recovery as well.

Improves Performance

Consuming protein shake can improve athletic performance. It will improve strength and you will be able to exercise for a longer time.

Recover From Injury

If you are recovering from injury, you will need more protein in your body. So, by consuming protein shakes, you will be able to recover faster from your injury.

Going Vegan

If you are going vegan, some important proteins will be eliminated from your diet like chicken, fish, etc. Protein shakes can be an alternative to these important foods full of protein.

You can drink a protein shake after a workout for muscle gain and before going to bed for weight loss. Protein shakes are important for young athletes as well.

Protein shakes can improve your overall health. It is a great replacement of the solid foods that contain protein. For busy people and athletes, consuming protein shake is a lot easier than taking solid food. Protein shakes are good for weight loss and muscle gain. It also helps to recover your muscles quickly after an exercise. Otherwise, it may result in injury due to lack of protein. Solid foods take a long time to digest. So, for athletes and active people, protein shakes can be a better choice for getting results faster.

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