What is a Water Shoe?

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It is a wonderful experience walking on the beach on bare feet. You can feel the sea water touching your feet. However, you might get hurt when you step on a shell or other sharp objects on the beach. So, wearing water shoes can protect your feet. Water shoes are also helpful when you are participating in different water sports like kayaking. So, what is a water shoe? It is a specially designed shoe for water activities. The shoe has a hard sole and is made up of mesh. Wearing water shoe can protect your feet from cuts and abrasions during water activities.

What Is a Water Shoe?

Water shoe has a closed toe and laces. It is specially designed for water-related activities. Water shoe provides excellent traction and protects the foot. These shoes are like sneakers; they are very comfortable. Besides water sports, you can use it for hiking or day-to-day uses as well.

Reasons for Wearing Water Shoes

If you are traveling somewhere wet or participating in any water activity, water shoe will protect your feet. Good water shoes can help you to walk comfortably as well. They feel similar to comfortable flip flops for walking. Here are some good reasons for wearing water shoes.


Water shoes resemble an athletic shoe, and these are very fashionable. You will find water shoes in various designs and styles.


If you walk on a beach or any wet place, you may step on a rock, shell or other sharp objects. It will hurt your feet. As water shoes have closed toe, your feet will be protected.

Prevent Infections

There are germs and bacteria everywhere. Bacteria can get into your skin when it’s wet. There are bacteria in a public swimming pool and water sports rental equipment. By wearing water shoes, your feet will remain dry, and so you won’t have athlete’s foot, plantar warts or other health issues.

Better Traction

Water shoe will prevent you from slipping in wet surfaces. These shoes have rubber soles that provide extra traction support. So, you won’t get hurt by falling on slippery surfaces.

Shoe Remains in Good Condition

Normal shoes will get damaged if they stay in the water for a long time. But water shoes are specially designed for use in water; so nothing will happen to your water shoe even if you walk on water for a long time. These shoes dry faster and drain water easily. Normal shoes will feel heavier if water gets inside them. But water shoes will feel light, and you will be able to walk comfortably on water.


Water shoes are made of mesh material. These have enhanced breathability, so your feet remain cool. It also insulates your feet from the cold water. These shoes are also lightweight; so you can walk comfortably.


The water shoes dry quickly due to the excellent ventilation system. It also helps to reduce the odor which forms due to staying in the water for a long time. It can also prevent mold that can cause infections and ruin your shoes as well.

Uses of Water Shoes

Water shoes are multi-functional. That’s why the demand for these shoes are higher these days. Here are some common uses or water shoes:

  • When you go hiking, you may need to walk on wet surfaces or rocky terrains. Water shoe will protect your feet from getting injured. However, you cannot use it for long hiking trips as these shoes don’t have the necessary padding.
  • Water shoe is ideal for water sports like kayaking; water shoe is a must.
  • Water shoe is comfortable for regular uses on land as well.
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    It is great for boating, sailing, and surfing.
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    You can wear it for swimming in rivers and oceans. It can also protect your feet when you come out of the swimming pool and step on the wet surface. It will protect your feet from infections if you use a public swimming pool or shower.
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    Water shoe is also comfortable for float trips.
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    You can wear it during aquatic fitness activities.

Water shoes are very helpful in protecting your feet from sharp objects when you walk on water or wet surface. It will also prevent any infection from being exposed to water for a long time. Before you buy a water shoe, you should learn about the different brands and read reviews. There are various types of water shoes available for different activities. There is water shoe for swimming, kayaking, rafting, etc. So, you should buy one that will serve your need.

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