What Weight Boxing Gloves Should I Get According to Age Group and Functionality

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Weight and size of the gloves are always big factors in boxing. Boxing gloves’ weight ranges from 60oz (children) to 20 ounces. To be fair, boxing is a game where both stamina of the player and the accessories are equally important in order to ensure proper biomechanics, aesthetics and force distribution of each punch. A perfect pair of boxing gloves can certainly play a good role. This article will clear your conception and answer your inquiry regarding the question you are pondering over, “ What weight boxing gloves should I get? ” by categorizing the gloves according to weight for different age group and functionality.

Age and Size:

Your age plays an important role if you are looking for the perfectly weighted gloves to go with. And not to mention, your size is also a major factor. Manufacturers produce gloves in different weights for different age and size groups. Normally boxing gloves weight about 60oz for young boxers. This age range includes the boxer of ages around 5 to 7 years. The weight of the boxing gloves for the teenager and women is around 80oz. Boxing gloves which are regarded as the starting size for the men and second size for women are about 100oz.

What Weight Boxing Gloves

One of the key factors is the purpose of the boxing gloves. It can be either for training, sparring or competition. Because the weight of the boxing gloves varies from training to a match in a competition. 14oz is considered as a good weight for sparring or training. By the time you become an expert boxer or if you are a heavy weight boxer, consider 16oz as a standard load. If you're just starting out then this beginners guide will help you to make a clear and concise purchasing decision.

Added Paddings:

Besides boxing gloves with added items can change the weight of it. Gloves, normally used for sparring is weighted more than the gloves used in the real match. Normally sparring gloves are 16oz in weight. Hand wraps that are used for protecting hands can slightly increase the weight of the gloves. Make sure you practice and test for a period of time and note down your required weight along with the added padding and wrap to check how much weight your hands can carry while forming a fist and throwing punches.

Different Styles:

Different styles of boxing gloves have different weights. Mexican style gloves are more lightweight than others, small and do heavy damage to the opponents. It has less padding than others. Bag gloves are also small but it is always recommended to avoid bag gloves, not for its light weight but it is meant to protect only yourself but not your opponent.

Weight also differs from brands. The product of new brands is well furnished. Design of those products is perfectly crafted. In case of boxing gloves, quality always comes with the price, so boxing gloves from expensive brands are always lightweight.

Conclusive Thoughts:

‘What weight boxing gloves should I get ?’ only holds true if you give enough time to practice in your newly bought, perfectly weighted gloves. You should also take the durability into consideration. Knowing exactly why you need to wear gloves can help you make more precise decisions. Remember to treat your only weapon’s cover as a part of your body.

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