Your Burning DIY Remodel Questions: What to Do with Old Appliances?

When you renovate your home with help from a professional, they'll usually let you know the best way to get rid of appliances you don't want anymore.

But when you're renovating your home on your own, you won't have that luxury. You'll need to figure out what to do with old appliances yourself.

Some people attempt to put their old appliances out on the curb. But putting something like a refrigerator on the curb could be dangerous. There is also a decent chance your regular garbage collectors won't take it away for you.

Here are some better ideas as far as what to do with old appliances.

Sell Them

You might not think that your old refrigerator, oven, or dishwasher is worth much. But there might be someone out there who will pay you to take an appliance away if it still works.

Most appliances, like refrigerators, cost at least a few hundred, if not a few thousand, dollars to replace. Therefore, some people will opt to buy a used one from someone who is renovating their home as opposed to spending money on a new one.

Give Them Away

Do you know someone who is in need of one of the appliances that you're getting rid of right now? Give them a call and see if they'd like to take it off your hands.

You can also post free used appliances on sites like Facebook and Craigslist and attract attention for them. People in your city or town might trip over themselves for the chance to take an old appliance out of your home.

Ask Your Town What to Do With Them

"Hi, I'm trying to figure out what to do with old appliances. Can you help?"

Call your local city hall and ask them what policies are in place to help homeowners trying to get rid of appliances. Most cities and towns have special junk removal services that are by request only.

Take advantage of these services by scheduling a pickup for the appliances you don't need anymore.

Pay Someone to Take Them

If your city or town doesn't help homeowners get rid of appliances or if you just don't have the time to sit around and wait for them to assist you, you can pay someone to take care of the job.

There are junk removal companies out there that would be more than happy to haul away your old appliances quickly. It's an affordable way to dispose of old appliances in the safest way possible.

This site breaks down how simple it is to have someone else worry about your old appliances.

Figure Out What to Do With Old Appliances Before Your Renovation

It's a good idea to decide what to do with old appliances before you start a DIY renovation rather than waiting until later.

If you choose to wait, your old appliances are going to get in the way once you remove them from your home. You might also find that you have fewer options when you wait until the last minute to figure out how to get rid of old appliances.

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