5 Tips to Choose the Best Pickleball Paddle

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Pickleball has grown to become the most exciting popular game in the United States. The game involves players playing in the same court as the tennis pitch. Pickleball game rules differ from those of the tennis though.

To enjoy the game, you must ensure you have the right tool. Usually, the pickleball game is played with a pickleball paddle. So, you need to choose the best pickleball paddle because playing with a bad paddle can limit your performance. Playing with the right paddle will improve your results on the court.

For that reason, when selecting the best paddle for your game, you should be careful. Unfortunately, choosing the right and the best paddle is quite difficult.

There are plenty of options of paddles out there and so it isn’t always simple to figure out which paddle is right for you. There are also plenty of manufacturers in the market today.

Therefore, when choosing your head pickleball paddle, consider the following tips to avoid buying a bad pickleball pad.

1. Weight

The weight of the paddle is one of the most important factors to consider when buying one for you. The weight of the paddle influences how it feels when holding it in your hand. It also influences how you hit the ball. 

The weight of pickleball paddles ranges from 6 to 14 ounces. Heavy paddles require more power and are not suitable for someone with pre-existing injuries or someone who has arthritis.

A good rule of thumb for someone who cannot figure out the suitable weight for a pickleball paddle is to choose medium paddles. Medium paddles are also ideal for starters.

2. Rip Size

Choose a paddle with the right grip circumference for your hand. Although a small grip requires more power to control, an extra-large grip may affect your elbow. The paddle may even slip from your hand when playing.

Note that you cannot reduce most grip size. Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to pick a paddle with a small grip.

3. Read the Review

There are plenty of pickleball paddle reviews out there. Most of these reviews are written to inform, educate, and help buyers to make an informed decision when buying paddles. They also list the factors to consider when selecting the best paddle, pros, and cons and many other important things.

Before you pick the best paddle, ensure you read the reviews carefully to gain a deep understanding.

4. Material

Different paddles are made with different materials. The most commonly used materials to make paddles include wood, graphite, and fiberglass.

The three materials are great but you must be careful with your selection. That’s because some materials are heavier. For instance, wooden paddles are heavy and are not suitable for someone with pre-existing injuries or if you want to punch the ball heavily.

Equally, paddles made with graphite material tend to be a bit lighter and costly than wooden paddles, but are good if you want to make heavy and soft punches. 

5. Durability

Of course, you don’t want to buy something that does not last. In addition, some paddles are costly and because you will spend on it, it’s important that you pick something that lasts. Use these few considerations when looking for a durable pickleball paddle.

  • Handles: Usually, paddle handles are made from wood, plastic, hard foam or fiberglass. Choose paddles with handles made from materials that do not weaken easily when playing with it.
  • Cores: Although polymer, Nomex, and aluminum are all durable and can withstand heat, aluminum can withstand heavy repeated punches than Nomex and polymers.

Lastly, price is also another consideration. You can get paddles at varied prices ranging from $20 to hundreds of dollars. For instance, a wooden paddle is the least expensive but heavier than the other types of materials. Graphite is the most expensive of all followed by composite.

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