How to Put a Sinker on a Fishing Line

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Sinkers are useful to a fisher because it improves the fisherman’s casting ability. If you are a fisherman, then it is essential for you to know how to put a sinker on a fishing line. The sinking object, which is attached to the fishing line, is mainly known as sinkers. They are also important for keeping the bait in the right angle and straight. There is a variety of sinkers in the market depending on the needs of a fisherman, but firstly you are required to how to put a sinker on a fishing line.

Sinkers are also known as the anchors. Most of the sinkers come in various sizes, built with metallic materials. They are the essential elements that increase your fishing tackle. Using the right size and weight of sinker will enhance your casting ability. Attaching a sinker is quite simple and easy. Now, let us discuss the fact of putting a sinker on a fishing line.

Steps on How to Put a Sinker on a Fishing Line

If you are a new fisherman or wished to learn the attaching method of a sinker to fishing line, then follow our instruction.

  • Take the fishing line through the notch of the shot sinkers and place it at the right place of the fishing line. The placement of the shot sinker can be different because it depends on your fishing style. Mostly the installation is made between the bobber and the hook.
  • Now, make the metal compressed by squeezing the sides of the shot sinkers. Squeeze until it creates a grip on the fishing line.
  • Ensure that the sinker is secured to the fishing line.
  • Take the fishing line through the rubber-lined notch of the sinker.
  • Remove the tackles from the line where the sinker will go through.
  • Now use a thread to attach the sinker with the fishing line. Take the threat through the sizable opening of the sinker.
  • After that tie the sinker at the desired place of the fishing line by making a knot. Make sure you have kept enough space for accommodating the hook with the sinker

Putting a bobber is also essential as it allows you to get informed that is the fishes have bitten the bait or not. You may also require knowledge about the process of putting a bobber on a fishing line. That is why we are going to show you the steps below:

Steps on How to Put a Bobber on a Fishing Line

We are going to show you the proper steps of attaching bobbers. The steps are the following:

  • First, you need to determine the distance. That how far you want to throw the bait and how deep you want the bobber to hang into the water. Then put the bobber in the exact position for example if you desired to hang the bait 2 feet deep into the water then you should put the bobber 2 feet above the bait.
  • After pointing the exact position you have to attach the bobber by pressing the plastic piece on the top. A small clip will be released because of doing that. Now, put the thread through the clip. Then release the clip, and you will find that the bobber will remain fixed at your desired position.
  • Press down the plastic piece of the bobber by placing your finger at the bottom of it where the line is attached with the bobber. It will disclose a small clip like the bottom one. Thus the bobber is now correctly attached with the fishing line.

If the bobber that you have bought do not support spring clipping system, then you can simply use a stopper knot for keeping it at the right place. The steps will be the following:

Steps of Making a Stop Knot for Bobbers

  • Lay the thread along the line with which you are tying.
  • Now, make a loop and make sure that the loop is below the fishing line.
  • After that, simply go around the fishing line and through the loop. Repeat the process five times.
  • Then grab both ends of the thread and pull them.
  • You will see a knot now make it tighter for ensuring that it will stay at the right place with the fishing line. You will get the correct tension by doing that.
  • Trim the remaining thread from both ends of the knot, and you will be able to get the perfect amount of tension.
  • Now take the fishing line and make it go through the sinker or bobber. Thus you will find your fishing pole is ready to use.

Using a stopper knot is a lot easier than using a pre-made knot with the sinker. It is useful for stopping the sinker at the right place. The knot creates a grip which stops the bobber or sinker at the right place.


You must keep in mind that fishes will not take the bait if it bears excessive weight. Make sure that you are using the bait that is lighter in weight. Some of the sinkers are not reusable. Even they can lead your fishing to nick. That is why always use a rubber core with the sinker. Hope the above steps on how to put a sinker on a fishing line will be more helpful to enhance your fishing strategy.

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