What Guitar Should I Buy for a Beginner?

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Getting to play the guitar can be very exciting because it’s a whole new hobby you are about to have. Many people wish to become full-time guitarists who are renowned for their skills and chords. One good aspect of being a guitarist or playing the guitar is that you don’t have to be too skilful before you can play.

Many beginner players of the guitar often ask or wish to know which guitar to start with. Choices are always between the electric and acoustic guitar.

Beginner’s Options:

Let me take you through the three different options a beginner would want to go for. Afterwards, I will suggest the best option for you. The three options are:

  • 1
    The Electric guitar (Semi-acoustic or Hollow bodied)
  • 2
    The Acoustic (usually referred to as “Electro-acoustic”)
  • 3
    The Classical (strings of nylon)

Before I continue, I will like you to know that the semi-acoustics aren’t acoustics. They are usually confused for the electric guitars because of their semi-hollow body. The acoustics sound pretty loud when they’re not plugged in, which is pretty much similar to the electric guitars.

Know also that the so-called electro-acoustics aren’t the known electric guitars. The ‘electro-acoustics’ are acoustic guitars that have electronic fittings to amplify their sound. They don’t have to be plugged in before that good sound comes out of them.

The third option is the Classic Guitars with nylon strings. The strings of these are pretty much softer than the steel strings, and of course, you can easily press them down. The only minus here, as far as a beginner is concerned, is that the Classic guitars have a broader neck compared to that of the electric guitars.

The Determining Factor for a Beginner’s Guitar:

When looking for a beginners’ guitar, one of the things you should look out for is the ‘action’ of the guitar. The big question now is; what is the action? It is simply space between the neck of the guitar and the strings. If the action of the guitar is low enough, it will be quite easy for a beginner to play. The play gets pretty buzzy when the strings are ‘too’ low. For a guitar with high action, a beginner will find it quite difficult to play, which can be very disheartening.

In my opinion, a low action guitar is a way-to-go for a beginner; hence, it is easier to play. However, avoid getting a ‘too low’ action guitar; it is as bad as starting with a high action one. Don’t worry, in time, the need for a high action guitar will arise. The most significant thing right now is that you are enjoying your play without any pain or difficulty.

Beginner’s Best Choice:

When considering the best choice of a guitar to get for a beginner, the Electric guitar should be your first option. Why is that?  Electric guitars have a pretty good low action with thin strings, which makes them very easy to be pressed down. Also, the Electric guitars have a narrow neck, which is good for an early stage player.

The rest types of guitar, such as the Acoustics have pretty high action. For me, that is good enough for an expert to handle. Budgeting for an acoustic for a beginner is just something you don’t want to do. As a result of their high action, playing chords on them always demands a level of strength and only the fingers of an expert can be equal to such a task. The only reason why one would want to choose an Acoustic guitar over the Electric guitar is because of the price when compared to that of an Electric guitar. It’s not always easy to get a cheap electric guitar for beginners.

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