Garage Builders and Contractor Selection Tips

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When you have to choose a builder for a new garage, you will may have to do some quality research before making a decision. If you are in search of only professional garage door ​repair, the homework is the same. You need to hire a professional that is reputable, licensed, and insured. Of course, every project has its issues, but if the builder is good at what he’s doing, these problems won’t get in the way.

We’re here to tell you how to choose the perfect builder for your project

Research the garage contractor names

Talk to anyone you can about this. Family and or friends may possibly be able to give you info about their own past building projects. They may even be able to recommend the builder they hired. Or talk to the professionals in your building. They work with contractors every day, and they might have someone for you. Make sure that the person you hire is a qualified builder.

Make sure he has a valid builders license

It’s good to ask for the copies of the insurance documents or any other license that the professional has. If you hire a licensed builder, it's more likely that potential problems will be fixed properly. The contractor with a license will be mindful of performing the job properly, instead of losing his license.

Write everything in a contract or as an addendum

Under no circumstance should you accept any verbal estimates or any kind of change to the contract? Ask for a detailed contract, with concise information about the construction project, and make sure they include the material and all the work fees. Make sure every material is written in there and check for brand names, style, color, and size.

Clarify builder timelines

Make sure that in the contract there’s a starting and a finishing date. All the deadlines should be written there. If you must finish a project until one specific date, that date should be included in the contract. 

Sometimes it’s best to add a motivational clause. Ask for a deduction from the contract price for every day that the project is not finished. 

Imagine the construction project in detail

It’s important that you tell your builder everything he needs to know about your project. Always be specific when you talk about the features or requirements you would like in your garage door. If you change your mind after the construction starts, it might take more time to finish it, and, of course, more money to your final cost.

Plan for uncertainties

Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a perfect job – it’s generally impossible for a project to go perfectly from the beginning to the end. There will be difficulties and maybe delays, some employees may quit, and you will have to find others. Late deliveries also happen, and we cannot control the weather whatsoever. If there are no issues that you cannot control, your garage will be finished earlier than you thought. If not, make sure the builder puts an allowance into the schedule for these kinds of problems. For a more exhaustive list on things to look for when choosing the right contractor reference this article on choosing a reliable home or garage contractor.

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