Can I Run With Achilles Tendonitis

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Most of the readers often ask, “Can I run with Achilles Tendonitis?” Well, in this article, we are going to discuss this fact. The large central tendon which connects the major calf muscles of our leg is known as the Achilles tendon. When you work too much, the tendon is also forced to work hard with you. At that time, the tendon gets harden for a great amount of stress. For this reason, inflammation is felt, and thus, Achilles tendonitis takes place. This type of inflammation in the tendon is called Achilles tendonitis.

When you run, it generates a force which is transmitted, Achilles. The force extends three times than your body weight at the time of running, and it grows eventually with the speed of your running. The excessive amount of force can lead you to Achilles tendonitis. It can be injurious and can give you more pain. Around 5 to 12% of injuries occur to the runners for Achilles tendonitis.

Can I Run With Achilles Tendonitis

Now let us get straight to your question, “Can I run with Achilles tendonitis? “The answer is yes. You can. It depends on the cruelty of your condition. Let us discuss about the symptoms first.

Symptoms of Achilles Tendons

The sharp pain that is felt at the back of your leg generally occurs for Achilles tendonitis. The pain is usually located at the back of the tendon near to the heel. Achilles tendonitis can reduce your ankles flexibility. That means you will not be able to move your ankle like the regular days.

When Achilles tendonitis occurs, you will notice the redness on your leg’s skin. The skin becomes red for the inflammation in the Achilles area. At this time if you move your ankle, a cracking sound of the tissues will be felt. It will reduce the ability of your normal pronation. 

Achilles tendons are more dangerous if you feel the pain at the lower area because it limits the flow of blood. For the limitation of blood flow you, the scenario can be the worst one to imagine. It will be the reason for your future injuries that you can hardly imagine.

Stress at the Achilles is more when your regular workout includes speed work or hill running. For this excessive amount of stress, tendonitis occurs. Even a sturdy running shoe can result you Achilles tendonitis because it can twist the Achilles. This is why the overpronators are the main victim of this Achilles tendonitis. You check this article to get a list of the Best Running Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis.

If you let the Achilles tendonitis to develop, it can result in a tear or damage to the tendons. So, consult a physician immediately if you are a victim of it.

Some Preventive Steps for Achilles Tendonitis

When you are facing the problem most often, just take a break. Give the required time to heal your damaged tendons. It is the primary step of prevention. This would be more helpful to you for preventing future injuries.

The most effective step for preventing Achilles tendonitis is to make the calf muscles stronger. If the muscles are strong, it will gain the ability to consume extra force produced while running. For this, there will be less pressure on the tendon.

Stretching the calves is one of the best exercises for the prevention of tendonitis. It makes the tendons flexible, which will enable the tendons to take more stress. It will also make the tendons flexible enough to cope with your natural pronation.

If you have Achilles tendons, then it is a must for you to choose the right shoe for prevention. A stiff shoe can be dangerous because it may contribute to various injuries. As we have already said, it can even twist the Achilles. That is why you have to make sure that your shoe is properly designed to accommodate with your behavior.

Overstriding is also a reason for Achilles tendonitis. At the time of running, over striding will cause the heel area of your foot to strike the ground with more weight. That is why you should avoid overstriding and your heel to hit the ground heavily.

Above all, doctors or the physicians’ consultation is the best way of preventing Achilles tendons. If you have tried the entire preventive steps and did not find the cure yet, then you are required to follow the instruction of a physician.


There are some cheap treatments for Achilles problem. These are the following:

  • You can use Heel drops as an initial treatment.
  • By icing the calves, you can reduce the chances of Achilles problem.
  • Using a heat pack with warm water before starting to run will enable your muscles to take more pressure while running.
  • Easy stretching is essential for the normal heal of your damaged Achilles. Excessive stretching can damage tendons instead of healing.
  • Massaging the calves can be considered as a treatment. It will reduce the pain of the problem.
  • You can perform mobility exercises for the strengthens of your ankle.
  • If you are having a night splint, perform a gentle stretch at the time of sleeping.
  • Make sure that you have bought the shoes which can support you with high heels while running or walking. It will give you relief from the pain for the tendonitis problem. Wear them until you are completely healed.


Achilles tendonitis can be more dangerous if you have not taken any initiative steps to recover it. Even it can lead you to some permanent leg issues. Can I run with Achilles tendonitis? Hope, the answer is clear to you now. Be sure of the type of your problem and take the necessary steps to prevent it.

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