All Work and Play?: Foosball in the Office

Foosball is quite the underappreciated game now that we think about it. Although the game is most popular in regions of North America, its origins date back to Europe to around the early twentieth century. The game is loosely based on football, and was inspired by the sport. In the early 1920’s, a man named Harold Searles took note of the games’ rising popularity and decided to bring it to people’s homes.

It was in the 1950’s however, that US citizen Lawrence Patterson eventually brought the game to the states, where its sales boosted rapidly in the following decades, being found mostly in bars and pool halls across the entire country.

It’s no secret that football improves your game skills and similarly foosball, is no different. Playing the game allows you to sync and harmonize your eyes and hands, improving muscle co-ordination. In addition to this, it proves to be a breather especially during stressful and or boring times. Whilst only some people think about purchasing a foosball table, it is definitely something one should consider getting.

Now there are plenty of places where one can put a foosball table. Although one does not entirely fit into everyone’s plan of action when deciding on a room, a foosball table is an asset that should be taken seriously.

Investing in the Table

If you’re looking to invest in a foosball table you must ask yourself why. Now this may seem like a simple question, however is harder to answer than you think. Sure, a foosball table sure looks cool and can add to the ambiance of an entire room, but how much foosball are you actually going to play? Are you willing to purchase a foosball table because of aesthetic reasons only? Or is it more than that? This is important to figure out as most good foosball tables are pretty pricey, and if your room is generally spacious, you may want to add something that is more valuable to you.

Where oh where will it go?

As already mentioned, a foosball table is an actual table and yes, it means it needs just as much space. Whilst there are many foosball tables out there that are relatively smaller than the rest, they are still comparatively huge compared to other assets. Since we are talking about a workplace, the first thing you need to consider is the space the table needs and where the table will go. Do you have a room big enough in your workplace building?  Dimensions whilst making the decision are important.
If your space is limited

Adding to the Ambience

When you think about a foosball table, you think about a game room or a pub or an arcade or any other public setting where gaming is done and a workplace is definitely not one of those places. Picture the table in your work-decoded room and take a look around. Not giving the right kind of vibe anymore, is it? Whilst it depends on what the workplace department is for, the foosball table is not meant for all establishments and shouldn’t look out of place.

The Setting

Once you’ve decided to get a foosball table for your facility, you may want to keep the room as a professional one and not one where people come to stop for coffee breaks. Although a table would be valuable in the employee room where the activity can prove to be a break from a tiring day at work, you do not want it in your personal space.

These are just a few things to consider when thinking about investing in a foosball table. Although the office may appreciate something out of its workplace ethic, let’s leave the table for being the star of a gaming room instead. 

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