How to Choose the Best Off-road Tires?

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Knowing how to choose tires for off-road cars is easier. They come in larger sizes and are designed to tow, pull and be loaded with weight , because the function of the vehicles themselves are those and are usually light trucks and SUVs.

This type of all terrain wheels and tires generally has a more aggressive tread pattern on the tread to add off road traction. One tip to identify these tires is that many have the code on the tread A / T.

Surely with all these guidelines you have no doubts about how to choose tires. It is important that they are economical, aesthetic and conform to the characteristics of your vehicle, but in the 4 × 4 it is also convenient to take into account the type of surface on which you are going to move.

Do you live in the city and do you usually do field trips? This information interests you. Most drivers with 4 × 4 cars drive on highways, highways, cities or secondary roads, so the main manufacturers have cheap off-road tires made for this purpose. The ideal is that they are tires with a high percentage of roads, since they provide excellent stability, a good grip on sharp curves and other advantages such as, for example, low noise and moderate consumption. A set of king lift kits make it more smooth and comfortable.

If you live in a place with enough rainfall, you will surely have encountered the problem of driving through mud without adequate tires for this surface. Therefore, we want you to opt for a tire with very specific characteristics.

In these cases, the optimum for most vehicles is to choose thin tires with high penetration that can reach the hardest terrain within the mud zone. In exceptional situations, such as those of very heavy off-roaders, it is interesting that they are wide to avoid possible subsidence. Therefore, off the road tires or mixed tires are interesting for this type of surface.

In the case of a sporty driving, you will need tires that respond appropriately to the greatest number of situations and conditions that may occur in the trip you are going to make.

Adherence: you will need wheels whose performance is optimal on both wet and dry roads.

Grip and stability: we need a lot of grip for straight roads and curves. The steering precision must be excellent.

Winter tires are good for those harsh weather conditions, which seasonal wheels cannot handle. They are made of a special rubber that does not harden with cold temperatures and exceptional traction for conditions such as snow and ice.

They are easily identifiable by having a mountain or a snowflake drawn on the profile. When buying this type of tire, make sure to buy them in sets of 4 units to optimize braking and handling.

Keep in mind that the braking distance on a wet road is three times higher than on a dry road. For this reason it is very important to check regularly the depth of the tire pattern on winter tires.

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