Gearing Up for A Boxing Round With Boxing Gloves

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What more does boxing offer than to satisfy the animal within us? The answer to that is boxing, in its own glory is much more than the temporary adrenaline and epinephrine offerings of chaotic fights. It has its own rhythmically timed rounds, its aesthetic and science-backed shape of the ring, and vigorous yet well-studied constructions. Lastly, to add to its list of tasteful characteristics is the fighter’s attire which serves not only the purpose of the fight but also, if worn and cared for in a proper way, helps maintain the equilibrium in the wearer’s biomechanics and can ensure the boxing match is almost choreographed by an artist. While on the attire of the boxer, the first accessory or the ultimate boxing gear is the gloves of the boxer. 

Gearing Up for A Boxing Round

Boxing gloves are also the oldest accessory of boxing with headgear being mandatory only very recently. They were primarily studded and spiked to injure the opponent but we can say we’re lucky it’s built to protect the fighter and his/her opponent. If you have read this far, you must be a boxer by heart and are wondering what the big fuzz is about the glove. To be honest, after choosing the perfect gloves for you, how to wear boxing gloves should be a serious consideration as it helps not only to protect your fist but also to land perfect, measured, less bloody and less brutal punches on your opponent. So let’s follow a bite-sized step by step guide on how to put on boxing gloves:

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    Choosing the Perfect Gloves: You can go for the quality of the gloves when you are sparring. The higher priced gloves are more durable than the others. They can provide you with extra protection from the reaction force of your punch. The size of the gloves is also important when you’re opting for a fast or slow punch. Go for 18 ounces or 16 ounces gloves if you master slow punches. If you are a woman with smaller hands, choose lighter gloves of 8 ounces in weight. You may have to consider about the durability of the boxing gloves. If you are into weight boxing then the age group and functionality should also be taken into consideration before you buy a glove. If you're just starting out as a boxer then this beginner guide may help you make better purchasing decisions. But before you get down to the bottom of things, knowing why a boxing glove is needed in the first place may help you to be decisive. 
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    Putting on Hand Wraps: Hand wraps are what protects your joints and ligaments and control your fist. Buy a perfect hand wrap and wrap it in a suitable and tested way to ensure maximum wrist support and punching mechanics. Additionally, keep in mind that what socks are to your shoes, hand wraps are to your gloves. So, always put a clean pair on before burning with the anticipation of hitting your bag or opponent down.
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    Positioning the Gloves: To ensure proper placement, hold your gloves in both hands across your chest and to put on a hand, use the other hand to stabilize and insert the glove. Repeat for the other hand using the gloved hand.
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    Ensuring Synchronization: While you insert your hand inside the gloves, you will feel a seam where your fingers will fold, just across the inner part of the gloves. Line your finger joints below the seam so your gloves fold properly with your fingers as you form a fist. This synchronization is necessary for bone alignment.
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    Securing the Wrist: Now that you’re all done, secure your wrist and prevent the glove from slipping away by using the Velcro or if you have laces, lace them up correctly. Don’t be too hard on your hands. Remember, optimum blood flow is necessary for your hands to function well.

So, there you go! You’re geared up with the ultimate weapon and look! Give all what you’ve got and box on!

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