Quenching Outdoors With Rainwater Tanks

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The week is almost over, the weekend is teasing you with its rejuvenating breeze and calming winds caressing through your hair, but as it slowly approaches though, it seems that drought has came its way to greet you and your weekend a hot one. Your relaxing weekend turned out to be a scorching nightmare, but no need to worry, there are many ways on how to make your weekend as cool as you were enjoying on a beach with the help of your own rainwater tanks.

There are a lot of things to consider when you want to have that cool weekend achieved, one of that is water–no need to worry though, you can still have that fresh and pure rainwater you want just stored inside one of your rainwater tanks–but keeping you cool isn't only about you, it's mainly about the things around you.

So, in order for you to achieve that cool outdoor experience, here are the things you need to cool down as well.

Decks and Patios

The place where you enjoy your outdoor life most of the time is your deck or your patio, but instead of giving you that perfect tan for your body, it seemingly cooks you slowly into a well-done steak–that's not right, steaks aren't served til dinner–kidding aside, you must cool down this part of your backyard to avoid unwanted burn marks.

You can cool it down by sprinkling water over it, not too much though, just enough to simmer down the heat and enjoy the outdoor life without getting wet unintentionally.

Speaking of Steaks though, you can also host a lovely dinner for you and your friends or just a romantic dinner for two outside on your deck, and you can prepare a lovely juicy steak on your deck kitchen, in addition to that, you can also make use of your stored rainwater by your under deck water tank for your deck kitchen. In that way, you can save a lot of water and can also have a nice place to hide for your storage system.

There are a lot of things you can do too on your deck or patio to quench down the thirst, other than hosting a dinner party, you can also do a cocktail party, serving up drinks on your pool–if you have one, and its preferable if you do–and just talk the night away, just be careful and make sure that you've prepared your hangover remedy by the morning, trust me, you're going to need it.

One more thing, if you have an orange, or a lemon tree that's been lying around, you can make use of that and make some lemonade or an orange juice–and if you're being bit of a daredevil why not mix both of them up. Anything to quench up your thirst, you can even sell them, now you have a profit and a free drink–how great is that?

Water Feature on your garden

From the very word itself “Water” feature, it gets cooler already. A water feature in your garden can help a lot when you want to cool down your outdoor experience, the water that flows and the sound it makes when it does is refreshing and therapeutic, it calms the nerves.

Well, putting on some fancy feature in your garden alone won't be enough though, your plants will be as a thirsty camel if you don't water them regularly, with the help of your rainwater storage system, you can now sprinkle your lovely garden and freshen them up to avoid that drought sensation around the place without worrying about the expenses because your rainwater tank stores water straight from the source, up top–now that's cool.

Caring for nature's animals

One best and animal-friendly water feature is a bird bath, you can just set up some old bowl or an old vase (or vahz) that's been broken, and put some fresh water in it. It's good knowing that you've helped a thirsty bird quench its thirst.

Speaking of baths, you can also give your lovely pets a bath of their own, prepare to get very wet though for this will be messy–in a soapy and clean way though. Caring for animals during a scorching weather really does warm anybody's heart, most especially to your adorable animal friends at home. It's great to take their baths outside though to avoid all of those mess inside your own bathroom, at least outside they're free to move around and whisk all their wet fur. This is also a great way to relieve stress–unless of course if your friends are the very roots of your stress in the first place.

It really is great when you've recharged yourself over the weekend and quenched that thirst out of your system, not just that, you didn't even spend much on your water because most of the time you used your stored rainwater inside your rainwater tanks. See how fascinating it would be if you freed yourself and everybody around you from thirst and spend little to none on your expenses? What are you waiting for, plan your thirst quenching weekend now!

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