How Do Gas Mask Work (Detailed and Explained)

(Last Updated On: November 18, 2018 )

People fear that there might be another terrorist attack soon. It’s something we have seen in the news recently. We have to be prepared for such attacks. Whenever there is a terrorist attack, people fear that the attackers might use biological or chemical agents. These are deadly, and people’s health is at risk. A gas mask can protect you from such a terrible situation. So, how do gas mask work? It protects you from breathing harmful gases that might be dangerous for your health.

Anthrax is one of the biggest threats of biological or chemical attack. The infection doesn’t show any symptom initially. People can realize it after some time when they have already been exposed to the infection. Sarin is a harmful gas that is released when chemical agents are used in warfare. The gas is easily inhaled and can cause serious health problems.

How Do Gas Mask Work?

A gas mask is an air filtration system that absorbs harmful chemicals released into the air. It has chemical absorbent which is mainly activated charcoal. It can block out even small particles. Chemicals can spread very fast, and people may not be aware of it. So, if there is a war in your country, it is better to wear the mask all the time.

Gas masks are similar to Welding Caps. It protects your face and eye from harmful gases and particles. You can find both half face mask and full mask respirator. Choose one depending on your preference. Many people feel suffocated by wearing a gas mask, so they choose the half face mask. However, a full-faced gas mask can provide better protection.

There is a filter on the snout of the gas mask. A particle filter can get rid of any bacteria in the air. It acts as a shield in front of your face. The harmful particles hit on the fibres of the filter and get tangled. So, it cannot reach your nose or mouth. There is another element in the filter that absorbs toxins. It helps to remove toxic gas sarin.

The gas mask filters are usually made of oxidized charcoal. Once the charcoal comes in contact with the oxygen, it turns into many sticky holes. The toxins that pass through the holes become bonded to it. So, they can’t pass through the gas mask and enter your nose or mouth.

The filter may get clogged. So, you need to change the filter every three to four hours; otherwise, you may inhale toxins. A full-face mask can protect you from harmful particles. But there are toxins like sarin gas that can be absorbed by the skin as well. In such case, the gas mask won’t give you the full protection.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Before buying a gas mask, make sure it has a third party certification. The filters in the gas mask must work for small particles as well. It is important to change the filter often. You should always keep lots of extra filters with you all the time. When buying the extra filters, make sure that it fits the gas mask properly.

The gas mask you buy should provide clear vision. Some gas masks have a hydration port that will allow you to drink in case you have to wear the gas mask for a long time. Modern gas masks also have amplifiers and radio cables. So, it will help you to communicate during critical conditions.

Is Gas Mask Sufficient for Protection?

Many people believe that during a terrorist attack, a gas mask cannot provide full protection. Some diseases that spread very fast, and you need to provide vaccination for it. Gas mask also cannot protect from harmful gas like sarin as it gets absorbed by the skin as well. The children can’t wear a gas mask due to the size, so they remain unprotected.

Gas masks can cause suffocation for some people. If someone is suffering from lung or heart condition, the person’s condition may get worse after wearing a gas mask. People often feel claustrophobic by putting on a gas mask. Proper training should be given on how to put on a gas mask and change the filter.

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If you live in a war zone then buying a gas mask is essential. You should always carry it with you so that harmful chemicals can’t get into your lungs. Wear the gas mask properly and maintain it well. This way you will be protected from harmful diseases.