How Long Does It Take for Metatarsalgia to Go Away?

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Metatarsalgia is a common leg problem for the athletes, football and basketball players. It is a pain in the bone between the ankle and the toe. Wearing high heels for a long time or shoes with incorrect size can cause this pain as well. Some foot abnormalities like high arches, hammer toes, etc. can cause Metatarsalgia as well. The pain is mild at the beginning, but it slowly gets worse. So, how long does it take for Metatarsalgia to go away?

It varies from one person to another depending on various things. The pain gradually gets worse over time. You may feel a shooting pain in your foot. Your toes may feel numb. You will notice that the pain gets worse when you stand or run. You should consult a doctor and take appropriate measures to recover from this pain.

How Long Does It Take for Metatarsalgia to Go Away?

If you have pain near the toe of your foot, then you should do an x-ray to confirm whether you are suffering from Metatarsalgia. A physiotherapist can also tell by examining your foot. Depending on the stage in which you are, you should start the treatment. The primary treatment for Metatarsalgia is to take rest. The recovery time depends on several factors. It depends on your health, age, any previous history of a leg injury, etc. It also depends on how much injury is caused.

Mellow foot pain can take few days to few weeks to recover. But if you have severe pain, then it can take longer time. Initially, you will feel the pain here and there, as if there is a stone fixed under your foot. This occurs if you don’t maintain proper posture while standing and put pressure on one side of your foot. It can also happen if your shoe is not well padded. Just like you have shoes for Achilles pain, you can get shoes for Metatarsalgia in the market as well. Wearing these shoes can give you relief.

The pain is first felt at the foot’s base. Swelling usually happens later as you keep on moving with such pain. Most people recover within 6 weeks if the pain is moderate. In serious cases, the tendons near the area may break and you may need surgery. If you have surgery, it will take 6 to 7 months to recover. After surgery, you should make sure that your foot is always dry. You can get waterproof cover from the drug stores. You will need dressing every few days after the surgery. The doctor will recommend low effect exercise so that you recover fast.

There are non-surgical treatments available also, and it will take about two months to repair. If the non-surgical treatment fails, you should go for surgery. Until you recover fully, you shouldn’t do any vigorous exercise.

Treatment of Metatarsalgia

The most common treatment of Metatarsalgia is using custom fitted orthotics. It will realign your foot. You can also use anti-inflammatories to reduce the pain. You should stop wearing high heels and shoes having thin insoles. Instead, buy something comfortable so that your foot is well supported.

There is no alternative to taking rest when you suffer from Metatarsalgia. You can apply an ice pack. Don’t use the ice directly; use a pack of frozen peas instead. If you have swelling, you can use ACE wrap around your ankle and foot. By elevating your foot using a pillow can reduce the swelling.

You should be conscious about your posture. If you are an athlete or sportsman, you should be careful the way you run. You shouldn't take any abrupt step so that it causes strain on your foot. When you stand, you should make sure that you are not putting extra pressure on one foot.

You shouldn’t ignore the importance of wearing the right size of shoe. When you buy a shoe, wear it and walk around for some time to see if the shoe is comfortable or not. You should also make sure that the size fits you. If the shoe is too loose or too tight, you won’t be able to walk properly. Try to buy shoes that have an extra pad for support. These shoes are comfortable to wear for a long time. You should watch your steps so that you don’t suffer from such pain. It is a very uncomfortable foot problem, and it may take a long time to recover.

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