How Much Does a Kayak Weigh

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If you are a beginner and looking forward to purchasing the first kayak of your life, You must know how much does a kayak weigh. I had my first swamp-butt experience while riding a low weight kayak. I can’t actually tell you what was going through my mind at that time but it sure made me want my canoe back. Little did I knew that I exceeded the weight limit of my kayak. 

Weight limit of a kayak is given by the manufacturer for safety and efficiency in the water. An overloaded kayak is much more prone to rough wind and windy waves and current. Moreover, A paddler in a too-heavy kayak won’t be able to maintain his or her balance while fighting a fish or slight weight shifting. A quality seat can ensure balance and safety against injuries.

Conventionally, kayaks are weighed from 20 lbs to 80 lbs. It can vary based on several facts which I’m going to discuss below. An average kayak can carry up to 350 lbs of weight (varies based on kayak type, components, and manufacturer). Some popular kayaks and their weights for you to choose from:

  • Venus 10: Specially designed for women. It weighs only 34 lbs while carrying up to 175 lbs.
  • Malibu 3.4: It’s mostly recommended for surfing. Propelling is easier.
  • Nalu: It gives you the flexibility of both stand paddling and sit paddling. 10 feet in length while weighing only 40 lbs.
  • The Mysto: Weighs 43 lbs. Can carry up to 250 lbs.
  • The Nomad: For long time fishing. Can carry up to 330 lbs.
  • The Caper: Can carry a lot of tools and pieces of equipment. Weighs 45 lbs, 11’ long and can carry up to 325 lbs.
Kayak Weigh

The weight of kayaks or the weight it can carry varies based on what it is made of. Kayaks are mainly made of:

  • Polyethylene (Plastic) - It is cheap and affordable easily. But a bit heavier than the others. So, It’s more appropriate for you if you are on the bigger side.
  • Fiberglass - These priced medium and weighs medium too.
  • Composite - These are very expensive and lighter in weight. It is encouraged by the professional trainers.

Obviously, Tandem kayaks are much heavier than single person kayaks. It’s bigger and wider in size as it has to carry two people together. These are well designed to carry heavy weights keeping in mind that these are often used for fishing.

You can easily opt for shorter kayaks if you want a lighter one. But there is no unmixed blessing on the earth. It lacks stability and can be easily overturned by not many fierce tides. Besides, It does not provide you with as much space as bigger ones for keeping fishes and fishing tools.

Another main reason for considering kayak weight is for wrapping it up. Heavy kayaks are a bit uncomfortable to carry to your place of interest too. If you don’t have a pickup truck and have to carry it on the roof of your car, It must be lightweight.Inflatable kayaks are very light once they are deflated and can be carried easily. 

If you're a beginner then you may also wanna know how to get into a kayak. Fishing in a kayak is also considered a really fun experience.

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