How to Clean a Pellet Stove

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2018 )

Pellet stoves are convenient and energy friendly appliances to use at home. Pellets don’t produce as much soot and ashes and they are typically cheaper and easier to obtain than wood. Knowing how to clean a pellet stove will keep it working with optimum efficiency. The proper and thorough cleaning will maintain the stove’s condition and will keep it functioning for long.

Cleaning your stove depends on how frequent you use it. If you use your pellet stove every now and then, you can give it a basic cleaning every couple of weeks. However, if you use it on a daily basis, you will have to do this every 3 to 4 days.

Here is a detailed guide to choose the best pellet stoves in the market.

How to clean a pellet stove chimney:

How to clean a pellet stove chimney

Knowing how to clean a pellet stove chimney is essential to keep your stove running properly. By removing the ash and soot buildup, your stove will operate efficiently and you will also be able to detect problems before they worsen.

Although pellet stoves are typically more environmentally friendly, they also produce creosote. This sticky material is a byproduct from burning pellets. It sticks to the inside of the pipes and valves, lowering the performance of your stove. When you understand how to clean a pellet stove pipe, you are basically removing any clogs or debris that might jeopardize the air flow.

Basic cleaning:

You should make sure that you give your stove a basic cleaning every couple of weeks or few days to make sure that it operates properly.

  • Start by emptying your ash tray. You will not have to switch off your stove to do this step. Empty the pan in the trash bin or use an ash vacuum cleaner to absorb any remains. You should never use an ordinary vacuum cleaner to clean the ash because it will damage it forever.
  • Creosote or clinkers can block the vents and affect the air flow inside the stove. You should use a chimney brush to scrape off this sticky substance.
  • Inspect the heat exchangers regularly. Some pellet stoves come with special cleaning tools that can be used to scrape the heat exchangers to maintain the proper air flow inside the stove. The exchangers’ main role is to bring the fresh air in and the heat out of the stove. When they are blocked, the pellet stove will not work properly.

How to clean a pellet stove auger:

The feeding tube and auger are used to feed the pellets into your stove to generate heat. Since the auger is the only way to the burning chamber, you should make sure that it is always clear for your stove to work properly. Soot and other sticky material can block the auger and block the passage for your pellets. This means fewer pellets for your stove to use. If you want your pellet stove to function properly, then you should scrape any residue off to clear the way for your pellets to generate heat.

Thorough cleaning:

  • Thorough cleaning and checking your pellet stove once a year will keep it operating for long. You should always check the motor, the fans and all the moving parts to make sure that they are working the way they should. Check the moving parts and apply a few drops of all-purpose oil for lubrication.
  • Some stoves come with glass doors that will allow you to see the flames. You can wait for the warm season when you don’t use your pellet stove that often to clean the glass door. Don’t scrape the glass as this might damage it. You should always use a special glass cleaning solution that doesn’t react with pellets and will maintain the condition of your glass.
  • The outside of the pellet stove can be cleaned using non-abrasive soap and water. You can also prepare your own cleaning solution from vinegar and water. If your pellet stove is made of cast iron, you should stick to using the ash vacuum cleaner to clean its body.
  • You can always hire a professional to check your stove annually. Most high-quality stoves will come with after sale services. A specialized professional will be able to clean the hard to reach places to maintain the condition of your stove.

Pellet stoves are your best friends if you want to have a cozy warm home without spending hundreds of dollars on a high energy bill. Understanding the importance of regular maintenance will save you money on the long run. A clean and properly maintained pellet stove will work efficiently for as long as you want it to. Understanding how to clean a pellet stove will save your energy bill and keep your house clean and healthy. Don’t ignore regular as well as yearly cleaning to keep your rooms warm and your energy bill low.

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