How to Use a Pellet Stove to Keep Your Home Warm

There are several options to warm up your house and feel cozy. One of them is to use a pellet stove. A pellet stove is a green option to keep your house warm during the cold season. A lot of people prefer a pellet stove over a regular fireplace since pellets are cheaper and easier to obtain than wood. They also cause less pollution and have less impact on the environment. Understanding how to use a pellet stove will allow you to make the best of it.

What is a pellet stove?

A pellet stove uses pellets made of biomass or compressed wood to provide heat for your home and office. The pellets are fed through to the burning area to create heat. Pellets produce less ash and smoke than wood stoves and this makes them healthier to use at home. They are also way cheaper than real wood, keeping your house warm and cozy.

Pellet stoves are easy to control. Most of the high quality pellet stoves can be easily adjusted to provide different degrees of heating. Some of them come with LCD screens to help you pick and adjust the right heating setting. You can also buy a model that features a glass door to watch the burning flames, adding a touch of elegance to your home or office.

Pellet stoves come in different sizes that suit different areas. Picking the right model will produce the optimum amount of heat that you need to feel comfortable.

How does a pellet stove work?

A pellet stove uses electricity to operate. After connecting your stove to a steady electric source, it will start burning pellets that could be made of wood chips, waste paper, grain or seeds. You should always make sure that you are buying the proper type of pellets to ensure the long life of your stove. Using the wrong types of pellets can clog the pipes or ruin the stove altogether.

The pellets are inserted into a hopper which is either located at the bottom or the top of the stove. Stoves with larger hopper will work longer on one load of pellets and can be left unattended. However, stoves that burn longer thanks to their larger hoppers will typically cost more. You don’t need a very big stove if you are planning to heat a small area.

The feeding mechanism means the way the pellets are fed from the auger to the burning chamber. The speed of which will affect the flame output. Some pellet stoves will feature a steady flame output while others can be adjusted. High-quality stoves can either come with pre-set heating options or with alternatives that will allow you to create your most preferred setting. The combustion chamber can either be lit automatically or you might have to do it yourself to create the flame you need.

The hot air will travel to your room through the heat exchangers. The exhaust is blown out either through a chimney or through a small hole to the outside to keep your house or office smoke-free.

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How to operate a pellet stove?

Remember that pellet stoves are currently more desirable than wood fireplaces. In the cold season, having steady and cozy flame might be exactly what you need after a long day outside. However, carrying, chopping and storing wood for your fire place can be a pain. This is why people prefer pellet stoves to have the pleasant feeling of fire minus the hassle.

It is crucial to check the manufacturer’s manual before using your stove for the first time. This will give you an idea about what to do and what to avoid. It will also inform you about the mistakes that could void your warranty.

You will either press a button to get your fire started or you will have to light the pellets yourself if your stove doesn’t feature self-ignition. Keep an eye on the flames to see if your stove is working properly. Now pick the right heating setting to enjoy the optimum heat output. Some stoves will adjust the output automatically depending on the temperature of the room.

Why should you use a pellet stove?

Pellet stoves are user friendly. They are pretty much very straight forward to use. Pellet stoves are more efficient than fireplaces in providing a constant source of warmth as they don’t require much attention. One load of pellets can keep your stove working for long. At the same time, it is almost CO2 neutral. Pellets are always ready to use and their prices are rather stable.

However, you should always make sure that you are using your stove right and cleaning it on a regular basis to keep it working for long. If you are looking for a convenient option that will keep your house warm then a pellet stove should definitely be on your list.

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