How to Clean Smelly Flip Flops (Tips for 3 Different Types of Flip Flops)

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Flip flops are very convenient for walking. A pair of nice flip flop can last a long time if you know how to take good care of it. Overtime the flip flop may get dirty and smelly. You need to know how to clean smelly flip flops so that you can use it for many more days.

As you keep on using your flip flop, the dead skin from your feet falls on it. It accumulates on the surface. Your sweat also gets into the skin of the flip flop. Bacteria soon forms and starts breeding on it. They feed on your dead skin and even excrete on the surface of the flip flop. That’s why you get the foul smell. You should clean your flip flop regularly to avoid such smell.

It is also important to take care of your feet. If your feet are dirty, your flip flop will get dirty and smelly too. You should wash your feet properly before putting on the flip flop. You clean your feet with a scrubber to get rid of the dead skin. You must put on antiperspirant or baby powder so that your feet smell good even if you sweat. That way, your flip flop won’t get too much smelly.

Tips for How to Clean Smelly Flip Flops

Flip flops are designed to provide comfort. It is great for casual wear. You will find different types of flip flops in the market. There are different types of flip flops in the market. You will find water shoes for men, comfort flip flops with arch support, flip flops with contoured footbeds, leather flip flops, rubber flip flops, suede flip flops and more. So, you can purchase any flip flop according to your preference.

As you keep on using the flip flops on a regular basis, it may become smelly. So, you should clean them. There are many ways you can do that. You can try one of more methods depending on the type of flip flop and see which one works better.

Rubber Flip Flops

You can easily put it in your dishwasher and use detergent to wash the flip flops. Make sure that there are no dishes in the dishwasher; otherwise your dishes might smell bad. After washing it, you should wipe off the extra water and then dry it off under the sun.

You can put it in your washing machine and use a good detergent to wash it. Again make sure that there are no clothes inside the washing machine. Otherwise your clothes may get smelly. If your flip flop is colorful, the color may seep into your clothes.

Make a solution of baking soda and water. Then use it to clean your flip flop. Take a brush and scrub it for five minutes. The mixture helps to get rid of the bad odour and also removes any stain. Then you can air dry the flip flop or put it under the sun to dry up.

Leather Flip Flops

The cleaning method you use for leather flip flops depend on whether the leather is treated or untreated. For untreated leather you can use saddle soap. This soap has softening ingredients like beeswax. It keeps the leather strong. Make lather and then use a soft cloth to apply the lather to your flip flops. You can use a toothbrush to clean dirts. You should then use a damp cloth to wipe away the water. Let it dry before using. For treated leather, you should use vinegar to clean the flip flop.

Suede Flip Flops

Sandpaper can be used on the footbed to get rid of the dirt. You can find suede cleaning kit in the market. You can buy it to clean your suede flip flops. Some people use dish soap and it works find as well.

If you think about comfort then there is nothing best than wearing a flip flop. The flip flop makers consider the choices and needs of different types of buyers. So, you can now find flip flops of various designs and colors. The foot beds are also designed for various users. Some people prefer soft beds, while others prefer a hard one.

Flip flops can last for a long time if you know how to keep them in good condition. You should clean your flip flop often and make sure that it doesn't get smelly. After all, it’s not pleasant to walk around wearing a smelly flip flop.