Should You Drink a Protein Shake Before Bed?

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Nowadays most people are after building their muscle and getting a six-pack body. The demand for gyms is increasing, and people are finding time to go there regularly. A fit body can improve your look and also make you healthy

Most gyms have trainers who guide people to achieve their bodybuilding goal.  Besides working out, supplements like protein shake are also crucial for bodybuilding. You need to restore your muscles and gives you energy after a hard workout. So, many people drink a protein shake after exercise. But should you drink a protein shake before bed? The answer is yes.

Researchers have found out that drinking a protein shake before sleeping can help you gain muscle and reduce your weight. You can mix the protein powder with milk. But you can also consume the protein powder without dairy, just by adding water. It will add fewer calories to your body.

Should you drink a protein shake before bed to improve health?

Supplements like protein shake are needed for a healthy body besides having a balanced diet. These can fill up the lackings your body has after consuming food. A protein shake can give you energy, strength and lots of other benefits. These are discussed below.

Weight loss

If you are on a weight loss mission, you should drink a protein shake before going to bed. It will increase your metabolism, and you will lose calories. But make sure that you check on your diet too. Drink it if you haven’t taken dinner or if you are hungry before going to bed. Don’t drink it after eating a heavy meal. A protein shake will otherwise add more calories and increase your weight.

Muscle improvement

Drinking a protein shake before going to bed can also increase your muscle. It also helps to prevent any muscle breakdown. According to a study, older men who exercise at night can get lots of benefits from consuming a protein shake before going to bed. It will be better absorbed in their body, and muscle protein synthesis will increase. So, you will notice more muscle growth in them.

If you exercise in the evening, especially resistance-type exercise, then a protein shake before going to bed can help recover your body overnight. Your body protein synthesis rate will increase, and you will have a right protein balance that is needed for muscle growth.

Better performance

If you are an athlete, drinking a protein shake before going to bed can improve your athletic performance. You will have more strength and enhanced muscle. You will be able to exercise for a more extended period.

Better sleep

If you take the right amount of protein, then you will have a better sleep at night. Otherwise, your fat stores may increase and you may not have a good night’s sleep. You may gain weight as well. You should choose a slowly digested protein.

You can choose from various types of protein. Casein is digested slowly but works throughout the night releasing amino acids. Whey protein gets digested fast but works for a short time. That’s why whey protein is a better choice if are drinking a protein shake after workout, rather than before going to bed.

Who doesn’t dream of a fit body? You should go to a gym regularly and eat healthy food. But these are not enough to achieve your fitness goal. If you want good muscles, then you should drink supplements like protein shakes. Drinking this after exercise is helpful, but you can get a better result by drinking it before going to bed as well.

A protein shake will increase your metabolism, cut down your calories, improve your muscles and make you stronger. You will get more energy and stamina during the day. It is essential to take the opinion of a dietician before consuming a protein drink. If taken in the wrong amount, it can put on weight. You can ask your trainer as well to suggest the type of protein shake you should drink.

A healthy body can help you lead a happy life. It will boost your confidence, and you will be able to work harder. You should continue exercising and consuming healthy food to lead a better life.

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