How to Fix Chipped Wood Corner (8 Effective Tips)

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Woodworks are very sensitive. A little carelessness can result in broken or chipped wood corners. Not just during work, you can have chipped wood corner if something drops on it or if it bumps into something. Whatever the reason is, you must repair it. If you know how to fix chipped wood corner, you won’t need to spend extra money by calling in a professional. It’s quite easy fixing chips if you know the right way to do so.

How to fix chipped wood corner in 8 steps

When you have a chipped wood corner, you should first examine the area to see how large or deep the chips are. The amount of work you need to do depends on it. If it’s just small nicks and if the finish is lacquer, then you won’t have any trouble fixing it. If a large part of the wood comes off and if you have the broken piece with you then you can use glue to put it back. But if you don’t have the broken piece, you need the strongest wood filler to fix it.

Test the finish

Before you start to fix the problem, you should find out the type of finish. Add lacquer thinner to a piece of cloth and apply it on the furniture. If it feels soft, it’s lacquer; if it’s hard, it’s alkyd varnish or polyurethane.

Fixing small nicks

If the finish is lacquer, then spray some lacquer thinner onto the affected area. Wait for sometime, and you will see that the nick has disappeard. If the finish is varnish, you should use fine steel wool to rub the affected area. Then add some new varnish on a cotton swab and apply. The nick will slowly disappear.

Provide support

If the chipped portion is large, you should use wood filler. You must put a scrap of wood under the area you want to fix. It will support the polyester resin. Then you should spray the board with WD-40 lubricant. This way you can take it out after the resin dries.

Mix wood filler with catalyst

On a flat surface, you should mix resin wood filler with the catalyst. You must read the manufacturer’s instruction carefully. The color of the filler must be the same as that of the wood.

Apply the mixture

You should apply the mixture quickly before it hardens. You should fill the gaps. You should apply the right amount of mixture very carefully before the resin hardens.

Take off extra bits and shape it

After letting it dry for some time, use a utility knife to take off the excess material. You may need to do some shaping later, so leave some margin for this work. After the resin wood filler hardens, you can remove the wood support. Then start shaping it with a wood rasp or similar tool. You should contour the surface so that it gets back to the original shape.

Make it smooth and apply paint

Use sandpaper to smooth the surface. Then use acrylic color to paint the resin wood filler. If you don’t get the right color, you can apply another coat of color.

Add lacquer

When the paint dries, you should mask off the filler with newspaper or painter’s tape. Apply lacquer for gloss and final finish. You should put on a protective mask before applying it.

Furniture is an asset, and you must maintain it well. If part of the wood chips off, then it can destroy the aesthetic appeal of the furniture. You should be careful when you do the woodworks or place it in the house. You should choose a location where there is less chance of damage. You must try to keep your pets away as they may chip off wood by scratching.

You should use a wood cleaner to clean your wooden furniture regularly. After years of use, the paint of the furniture may become fade. You can then apply a fresh coat of paint or lacquer to get back the original look.

As you now know how to fix chipped wood corner, you will be able to fix these problems easily at home without the help of a professional. But if the problem is a major one, don’t hesitate to call in a professional to fix it.

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