How to Keep Your Synthetic Grass Tennis Court in Good Shape

After you are through with your tennis court construction, the tennis courts definitely will critically need maintenance just like your house needs. When you leave your house for a long stretch of time unattended to, things would go bad. And even aside the mess accumulated, the long-term durability of your house gets threatened. It is the same thing with a tennis court.

When you leave tennis courts with no maintenance for a long stretch of time, it could result in notable deterioration. Problems would creep up with the tennis court especially the surface. Repairing the surface of a tennis court is a financially demanding project. Thus it makes better sense to dedicate time to the maintenance of your tennis court which is much cheaper.  This is especially true with a synthetic grass court.

When you habitually maintain your synthetic grass court, you extensively stretch its useful life. With apt and regular maintenance, your synthetic grass tennis court construction could last as long as 20 years. However in the absence of regular maintenance, your synthetic grass court may not last more than 8 years.

Although aside from the maintenance, there a number of features which would also determine the durability of your grass tennis court construction.  This could be the quality of the base, the quality of the grass (synthetic) itself. With inadequate drainage systems too, your synthetic tennis court installation may not also stand the test of time. Additionally, keep in mind that the surrounding vegetation also have a hand in how long the court especially if you have creeping tree roots penetrating the surface of the tennis court. More than this you should ensure the correct water blasting as well as using adequate machine servicing techniques.   

So let us learn some tips for maintaining synthetic grass tennis court construction. To start with, it is vital the appropriate set of specialized machinery only is used. Ideally, you should service the tennis court every six months or even annually as the case may be. Also, it is important to carry out the installation of the appropriate sand. More than this, it is equally important that it is at the accurate level. Moreover, it would immensely help if you can carry out a mold treatment of your tennis court say once every year. Note that best practices recommend that this annual mold treatment is rigorously free of chemicals.

Across time, tears and joins are going to pop up and you would need to repair them as well. It is crucial to sound a strong warning here to totally desist from pressure washing your synthetic grass tennis courts. It is quite a common practice for some to resort to pressure washing in the cleaning of their tennis courts. This significantly damages your court and massively reduces its useful life.   

Thus, we have learned a bit about synthetic grass courts and the job of maintaining them. The value of regular maintenance can never be overemphasized unless you want to undertake major repair overhauls of your tennis court every 5 years. This would exhaust you financially.

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