How to Know the Components of a Record Player?

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Have you finally decided that you would like to revive the old records of the past and start hearing them again? You may have acquired old records from someone else or you may have a collection of old records that you do not want to throw out. You could even have arranged your records in such a way that you will know immediately what type of vinyl record you are getting without the need to look at the cover.

Your reasons for having old records may have been inspired by something that you have seen or heard. You may even have gotten inspired by another family member who gains happiness from choosing to listen to old vinyl records. No matter what your reasons are, you know that you also have to listen to your records and you can do this by purchasing the right record player.

The First Hurdle

The first thing that people worry about when it comes to playing old records is finding the right record player or turntable that will allow them to listen to the records with ease. There are a lot of things that would need to be considered such as budget, model, brand and even the current condition of the record player. While some people opt to purchase new, some would like to have second hand turntables or record players so that they can truly feel like they have transported back to the past.

If you are a clueless beginner and you would like to learn more about purchasing your very own turntable, may this buying guide be helpful to you and your needs. If Also you want to listen your vinyl records in a speaker don’t forget to add a stereo receiver and a phono preamp for your turntable in your shopping list.

Knowing the Basic Components of the Record Player

You may think that you just have to know what the record player is capable of and you can already choose but it goes beyond that. You have to know how the record player works and it is only through then that you will be able to choose.

You have to remember that a quality record player is able to play with precision. You have to hear all of the instruments that are being played, all of the elements of the music that you are listening to and if you would purchase the wrong record player, do not expect that you will get to experience this at all Turntable Parts. On the hand if you need turntable buying guide you can follow this turntable blog​.

 Here Are the Basic Components of the Record Player

Platter – This is known to be the component wherein the record that you will play will be placed. Usually, it has a mat on top so that the record will not get scratched while it is being played on top of the platter. Some platters are made with good quality materials and some are not.

Stylus – This is known to be the needle that is placed on the Tonearm and this is in charge of making sure that the record will be played well. This is the only part of the record player that comes in contact with the records that you are going to play.

Cartridge There are some people who think that the cartridge and the stylus are the same but this is not true. While the stylus is often referred to as the needle, the cartridge is the one in charge of keeping the stylus intact.

Base – This is also referred to as the plinth and how strong the base is will determine how strong the whole record player is going to be. The base has to be stable enough in order to hold all the components together. Remember that the base may be made out of different things.

Knowing the various components of the record player will allow you to determine what type of record player you are searching for. Would you like to find one that is made out of metal or wood? Do you want something that you can use for a long time? It will be up to you.

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