Pool Cue Buying Guide – Some Common Tips and Tricks

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n modern days there are numerous pools cues on the market, but it has turned out to be a tough task to select the top pool cue. There are a lot of industries producing the best pools cue each day, and this is the reason why a lot of people are getting confused as to how to select the top pool cues. The following are factors that will assist you to buy the best pool cues.


The wrap of the pool cue should be smooth and flawlessly joined to the pool cue body. This will assist you with striking great while you are playing with this kind of cue. There are many types of wrap out there to look over. However, most utilized and famous wraps are just three – 1. Irish Linen, 2. Rubber, and 3. Leather. In case you are purchasing a cue with a wrap of rubber, you have to watch that the wrap is explicit and it can't be slick since sleek wrap can turn out to be slippery which isn't great in any way. For tremendous and best execution, you can choose a cue that has a wrap of mixed rubber and brilliant silicone. Irish Linen wrap will give a smooth performance without making any impedance, and the excellent part of an Irish Linen wrap is that the wrap can join the cue amazingly. You can as well pick a leather wrap cue. It should be smooth, and the wrap isn't

fittingly shown.

Cue Tip

The tip you select ought to dictate what play style you like. A lot of tips are made of leather. The soft tips absorb a lot of impacts and cause more ball spin. This might be only the type of action you are required to have to enhance your game. Remember, however, that softer tips should be replaced all the time. The Harder tips mostly absorb less impact. The cooperation between the tip and cue ball is of a shorter span and, in this way, they make less spin.


In case you need to play your billiard game easily with your ideal pool cue then you have to consider the weight of the pool cue while buying. That is the reason weight another crucial factor that you should look to locate the best pool cue. Select a pool cue with lighter weight since a heavy one will be hard to carry when you are playing, and you won't have the capacity to play the game with comfort. A heavy pool cue will dependably strike the cue ball hard regardless of whether you need to hit the cue softly. Along these lines, that is another excellent issue. With a substantial pool prompt, you won't have the capacity to deal with the speed, and you will lose the precision too.  

Length of signal

There are numerous kinds of lengths. However, the recent ones that are mostly utilized today are of 58 inches in lenght. This length is appropriate for a lot of individuals. Don't hesitate to add a couple of inches when choosing the length of the cue. This, applies to taller individuals with increasingly more extended hands.

The cost

The cost you pay for a cue ought to fit within your way of life, your game prerequisites, your financial plan, and how important consistency is to you. For the best cue, one is expected to pay a minimum cost of $100, although most cue producers provide a satisfactory cue for a minimum price. The best pool cue can as well cost a lot of dollars. However, if you are not an expert or competition player, you will spend your cash on enhancement, instead of purchasing a cue that expands the playability of your game.


This is one of the crucial factors that you have to look out for before purchasing a quality pool cue. In case your cue isn't superbly straight, you can't play well, and you may lose each match you play. If the pool cue is not straight, you will end up missing the target. Straightness depends on the superb completion of a cue at the period of assembling. When checking for the straightness, you additionally are required to look out for the shape as well. Its shape should be completely round. 


Regardless of the skill level, you are in, the achievement and satisfaction in your game rely mainly on the cue you are utilizing. Set aside the time to experiment with various cues, and afterward, buy the best and quality one for yourself.  Are you Pool enthusiast turn on sportsavis.com for more tips and tricks. 

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