How to Make a Boot Knife Sheath

Keeping a knife in a sheath inside your boot is a cool thing to do now a day. So you will need to know how to make a boot knife sheath to get yourself one of these cool knife sheaths. Here I will describe the process of making a sheath from leather then attaching the sheath with your boot. If you are a guy who wants to go hunting or camping will find good use of these knife sheath. For the camper, this kind of knives sheath provides a great amount of utility. Knives that are used for this purpose have to be little and small.

How to Make a Boot Knife Sheath

For making a knife sheath, you need knives that are smaller shaped. You can use a KA-BAR knife, which is small in size and suitable to insert them inside the boot. You have to make sure that you are choosing a knife that is suitable and fits with your shoe. The reason behind that is that you have a very smaller space inside your shoe. You have to make sure that they accommodate properly while not causing any kind of a pain to your foot. They should not create any kind of trouble while you are walking. That’s why you have to pay extra attention to chose the knife with the right size.

Sheath making

You can make your sheath from any kind of leather, whether it is suede or cowhide. But you should choose the leather that is moderately hard. You should not take hard leather because that will cause discomfort to your feet. On the other hand, if you choose soft leather, then they will fold inside your boot, which is quite irritating. So choose your leather carefully.

Step 1 make a template

This is the first step to your designing process of the knife sheath. To design and cut the sheath leather efficiently this a great way. It will help you get a good shape for your knife sheath, and they will let you design more creatively. So first take cardboard and then draw the shape your knife. Hereby drawing the shape I mean draw the whole shape, including the whole width of the knife. Also, design the handle and clip according to your preference. After cutting the cardboard, it should look like a U shape. The U shape will later bend to cover both sides of the knife.

Step 2 Leather

Now you will need to cut leather in according to the template that you made at the previous step. After choosing the right kind of leather put the template upon the leather and then cut them in the desired shape with the help of your knife.

Step 3 Cutting

While cutting you will also have to cut some additional leather other accessories of your sheath. You have cut inlay part which will be narrow and according to the shape of the edge of the knife. Then you will have to cut some leather strip to make a hook with whom the knife sheath will hang or attach to your boot.

Step 4 coloring

Now you will have to apply color to the leather that you cut in the previous step. So now you have to collect color that you like to apply to your leather. You can choose black, which is my personnel favorite. Color them properly and don’t forget to color the hook and inlay part. After coloring them leave them for a little while.

Step 5 Gluing

Now you need to put the knife on the leather that you cut at the previous step and check them if they match properly. After checking that bend the leather around the knife. You will notice that after bending, there will be some space left between two leather surface. Now the inlay part comes to action. Just push the inlay part between the two-part of the leather part. Add glue to both sides of the inlaid leather and also add glue to the touching surface of the adjacent leather. Now add the two leather surface with inlay leather lay between them. You need to make some arrangement to put pressure on the glue part so that they remain there. As the bending stress from leather will always try to unglue the joint. Press them with each other and keep them in that state for a while.

Step 6 Sewing

Now you need to sew the two adjacent leather together. Add the hook to the lower side of the sheath so that you can attach the knife with your boot. After sewing them, you can add some design and color to it.


You can do a various design on the outside of the knives sheath to give it a cool look. Often people use groover to decorate the outside of the sheath. So I hope now you know how to make a boot knife sheath and can one by yourself.

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