How to Make a Flag Pole for Camping

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There are many ways to show love to your country and showing patriotism to your country. Putting a flag at your campsite will be one of the best ideas for showing patriotism. That is why you should know how to make a flag pole for camping. As Memorial Day is approaching, it will be an excellent time for showing proper respect and love to the country. Flags are also important for identifying the location of the campers in a big field or at the unknown place. Therefore learning the steps on how to make a flag pole for campaign is way more essential.

There are varieties of flag poles, and the different parts of a flag pole can be found at the shop near to you. Even, you can find them among the unused materials inside your house. Now let us discuss about the materials.

Materials That Are Needed for Making a Flag Pole

  • PVC (10-feet)
  • PVC elbow fitting (45 degrees)
  • Tee fitting of PVC.
  • End caps (two)
  • Snapper pin.
  • Concrete rebar (four feet).
  • A big washer from which the rebar can go through.
  • Cup hooks (two)
  • Rope.
  • Flag.

Steps on How to Make a Flag Pole for Camping

Making a flag pole is quite easy. Just follow our simple steps that are described below:

Step 1

Firstly, you need to choose the right place of putting the flag pole. After arranging all the supplements, you have to cut the PVC into two sections. Make sure that the parts are of four feet long. There will be two remaining sections of one foot.

Step 2

Now attach the elbow of 45 degrees on the top of one section which is 4 feet long. Secure both of them with glue. After that attach PVC of one foot and secure them adequately on the other side of the elbow. The construction of the bottom part of the pole is ready.

Step 3

Then take a one-foot section and glue it with the tee fitting. Now, place the remaining part of the four-feet section at the opposite side and glue it with the fitting. For the finishing touch, place the caps and glue them at each end. Thus the part is also ready.

Step 4

Now, hold the upper part and connect the short section with the lower part of the tee fitting. The adjustment should be made in a way that section at the top part should be found pointing up.

Step 5

Install a cup hook under the top cap. Make sure that the installation is just below the cap. Then make a proper measurement of your desired flag and set the other hook at the right place. For better adjustment, you may drill a hole and put the cup hook. Then screw them up for ensuring a proper adjustment.

Final step

The rebar and washer can be used for enabling the PVC with an easy rotate process. You need to let the washer be placed over the rebar. Put the lower section of the pole at the rebar, and finally, you can attach the flag with the pole which is ready to use.

Flying a Flag and Its Advantages

There are many advantages of flying a flag. It shows many of the informative signs that one required to show or one needed to know. These are the following:

Showing patriotism

All of us know that flying flags are the symbol of your patriotic love to the country. For this, you can fly flags for showing love and patriotic feel to your country.

Dangerous Sign

Flags are also essential for making people alert to dangers. It can make the people aware of the imminent threat or the harmful sign of a specific place. Putting a flag sign, people can avoid the uncertain danger.

Spreading information

Flags are the cheapest way of disseminating information. You can just put the informative idea on it and let it wave. For making it more clear place a flash beam on the top of the flag. People will be able to get enough information on the fact that you want them to provide with. Only by looking at the flag.

Marking the location

Flags are essential for marking the spot. If you are travelling an unknown place, it can help you as an indicator, and with the help of that, it will be easier for you to find the exact location of your camps. You will also be able to find your camping location in a very crowded place with the help of a flag.


Flags are one of the proper ways for the advertisement of your business. By putting your business tag on the flag, you can advertise your business simply. It will also be a symbol of your desired company.


For preventing your flag pole from rotating automatically, you can insert snap pins through the tee fitting. It will hold the pole properly. If you want to break the pole after use, then avoid glueing it. Then you will be able to tear the parts from one another. Waving a flag can express your patriotic zeal, that is why you need to know about the fact how to make a flag pole for camping. Just follow the simple steps which are elaborately described in this article.

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