How to Make an Indoor Tent With Sheets

We all have a sweet childhood memory. Can you remember? We used to play Hide and Seek, Blidman's Buff, pogs, spin the bottle and used to make indoor tent, etc. Still, These sweet memories back me to my pleasing childhood. So, today I will recall my childhood and write “how to make an indoor tent with sheets.”

To make an indoor tent with sheets, we need some equipment. Below I am giving you the required materials for building an indoor tent.

  • Four Sheets.
  • Sofa cushions or pillows. You can use both if you want.
  • Sleeping bag or comforter.
  • Bed, chair, or couch.
  • Rubber bands.
  • Clothespins or Safety pins.
  • Flashlight.
  • Broomstick and some small sticks.
  • Christmas lights.
  • Umbrella.
  • Wall hooks.

This is the list of essential supplies. I will add some extra supplies which will make the tent fancier.

9 Steps to Make an Indoor Tent with Sheets

  • At first, you have to stick the wall hooks to the preferable position on the wall. If you want to make your tent long, then I will recommend setting your hooks bit up on the wall.
  • After setting up your hooks, figure out the space for your tent, so that you set bed, chair, or couch. Place the chairs to the edges of your tent. After that, put your comforter or sleeping bag at the blank space which is surrounded by chairs.
  • Tie up the broomstick with a chair. After fitting the broomstick with a chair, pair the umbrella with the upside of the stick, then place the chair at the middle place whether the place is surrounded by chairs what I have described above.
  • In this step, you will put a sheet on the umbrella. But one thing you have to keep in your mind that, the hook position will be at the lower side from the broomstick so that the roof of the tent will be bit curvy. This upside-down position will make the tent more beautiful

Now pull your sheet unto the right-side area and tie the corner of the sheet by rubber band to hang up the sheet with wall hooks. Do the same on the rest of the side. Now you can see that your tent has come into a shape.

  • Stand some small stick inside the tent, so that it will become stronger and reduce the pressure on hooks.
  • Now you can put the other three sheets on other sides and the backside of the main entrance of the tent. At this stage, you have to use clothespins or safety pins to attach them.
  • Check that; you follow the above steps. If such, then you have completed the exterior design of the tent. Now you have to focus on the interior design.

Fetch your pillows and cushions inside the tent and put it in the back corner of your tent.

  • Now it’s time to set up the Christmas light in your tent. At first, connect the cord of Christmas light in the plug, then set the Christmas light at the upper end of the umbrella pole. If you can, later try to put the wire of Christmas light in a round shape. It will generate a colorful reflection of light. Try to keep the canopy of the umbrella colorful.
  • You can put flower vase, candle, books, and other stuff to make a beautiful interior.

Easy and Shortcut Way to Make an Indoor Tent

Put a large table beside your window and put four chairs parallelly. These chairs should have three feet distance between them. Now join all the sheets by a safety pin and put the joined sheets on the table and chair. Try to put thin sheets, so that you will get the sunlight. After putting the sheets, you will notice that a more or less structure of the tent. Inside the tent, you can put your mattress, pillow, and whatever you want.


It’s tough to find a specific instruction to make a tent. I have elaborately explained each and every step to make an indoor tent in two different way. I hope these instructions will help to build your first indoor tent. Making a tent is fun, and I am pretty sure you will find your lost childhood memories. The end of this article also made me so nostalgic. I need your feedback so that I can understand the instructions are evident to you.

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