How to Sleep on Your Side Without Hurting Your Shoulder?

More than seventy percent of people in the world tend to sleep on their side. Although side sleeping is more preferable for people, they come with some shortcomings. Side sleeping gives you comforts after a long day of stress. It is natural for you to forget about stress on your body during sleeping. That’s why people all over the internet often search for “how to sleep on your side without hurting your shoulder”.

Side sleeping is comfortable, and they give you that sensation of relaxation. After a long stressful day, you need a relaxing sleep. Some might suggest you sleep on your back for the health issue. But that will not offer you that tranquillity. No one can blame you. Sleeping on your back is really hard. Even if you try harder, your body will shift to your side during your sleeping

How to Sleep on Your Side Without Hurting Your Shoulder?

To know the correct way of sleeping, you need to know how side sleeping causes problems. 

Effects of Side Sleeping

The human torso has a kind of coke bottle shape. Where the shoulder and back are wider than the middle area. So whenever you sleep the middle area part of your torso don’t get enough support. Thus stress is created on your spine. There are other problems like excruciating pain in the shoulder and collar bone after walking up. Sometimes the hand gets under the head, which applies pressures on your hand. This often makes your hand numb. It is not a major issue. After a couple of time, your hand should be okay.

The Proper Way of Side Sleeping

But that doesn’t stop us from side sleeping, and that will not stop us from back sleeping. The only reason is that the human does not want to compromise with the comfortability of sleeping. Even if it means to risk your health. Because this is the only time you get to test the ultimate comfort, and it is free. Whether you are rich or poor, no one and nothing can snatch this little piece of happiness from you. Without sleeping regularly, you cannot expect to have good health. So you want to make sure that nothing terrible happens to your body while sleeping.

During sleeping, Different body posture causes stress in different body parts. If you sleep in an awkward posture, you will feel a terrible pain in different parts of the body after walking up. Most complained pain is neck pain, back pain, pain in the spin etc. So you have to make sure that you sleep in an adequate way in order to prevent pain in different areas.


Very often in movie or TV series, you would see the characters to sleep on the mattress before buying. It might seem funny but effective. A mattress is a vital element for good sleeping. While sleeping, your body requires proper support to keep them in balance. So that your whole body can relax.

The foam of the mattress works as a beam that supports muscles without applying too much pressure. The support your shoulder and back to ensure a proper spine alignment during sleeping. They de-stress your body and make it cosy for you to sleep.

So you have to find a mattress that provides that essential support to your body. You should try them out before buying. Fluffy and bouncy mattress doesn’t mean that it will suit you. Carefully check them, then approach to buy them.

A mattress is especially useful to prevent back and shoulder pain.

Stop Sleeping on Your Stomach

This type of side sleeping is the worst of all. It puts upward pressure on your spine above your belly. It is worse for the fat belly. As the excess fat get compressed by your bed, they will put force upward in your spine.

Another common pain is neck pain. This posture put your neck in severe risk of pain. This position applies maximum stress on your neck tissue. This kind of sleeping can be avoided easily because this is not the natural posture for sleeping.

Good Pillow 

A proper mattress can solve the spin and back problem, but for neck problem, you need a supportive pillow. A good pillow will keep your head in the right position. Very often, people feel severe neck pain after waking up. After an extended amount of time, it will cause permanent pain. You have to find a pillow suitable for your neck and shoulders because each person has a different shoulder length and shape. One type of pillow might be good you while it could be uncomfortable for others. So you need to try several pillows to find the right one.


There are many suggestions for proper side sleeping. But they cannot give you a hundred percent surety. You cannot just make your sleeping posture right overnight. You need to try every day, and gradually, you will be able to sleep on your side in the right way.

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