How to Make Wood Filler From Sawdust

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You can easily save your money from spending them over fancy wood fillers. In order to do that you need to know how to make wood filler from sawdust. There are many types of commercial wood filler with elaborated description and features. But sometimes it is good to make your own products. That also goes for the wood filler. Wood filler is used to fill the gap of the woodwork. That is not the only thing wood filler are used for. Addition to fill the gaps, they enhance the look of the woodwork. The filler is needed to be looked almost the same as its adjacent woods so that it looks like a continuous woodwork

How to Make Wood Filler From Sawdust

Conventional wood filler comes with a different color, which makes it helpful for the painted woodwork. But for the stain work, that kind of wood filler would look horrible. The stain is a natural-looking color which almost resembles the natural wood.

Why You Need to Know How to Make Wood Filler From Sawdust

The stain gives the woodwork a natural polish looks. But it is hard to do that with colored wood filler. After finishing the work, they will look like someone has drawn some boundary along the edge of the woods. That would be awful. Woodwork takes a lot of hard work, so you always want the woodwork to look good in the end.

That’s why you have to make your own wood filler from sawdust. Sawdust is the excess wood dust that is produced from the woodwork. They will solve your problem quite easily. The wood filer that you will get from the sawdust will look exactly the same as the woodwork itself. It will not tarnish the good look of your will provide you with the wood filler that has natural color as the wood.

They are also helpful for the polishing process. Most of all, they will save you the money to buy extra wood filler. This is a good way to recycle your sawdust. In most of the cases, people throw the sawdust out. But they can be used to make the effective and good quality wood filler.

Necessary Ingredients

You won’t need any kind of expensive things to make this wood filler. They are surprisingly easy to make. You can make them using the daily household items. Items needed to make the wood filler is given below.

  • Wood Glue
  • Sawdust from the woodwork
  • Knife or some sticks so that you can mix the mixture.
  • Cardboard
  • Goggles and gloves
  • Electric grinder.

For your better understanding, we are going to divide the whole process into several steps so that you can easily understand the process.

Step-1 Collecting Sand Dust

First, you need to collect the sand dust. You can use the residue that is left behind after woodworking. If you are a professional woodworker, you shouldn’t have any problem to find any sand dust. It is also recommended to use sand dust of the same woodwork on which you will apply the wood filler. The reason behind that is to make sure that the woodwork and the filler look similar.

If your sand dust is from the different woodwork, then the wood filler may not match with the woodwork. So to avoid that always try to collect sand dust from the woodwork for which you will need the wood filler. There will be a lot of sawdust from the woodwork. You can collect those and use them for your wood filler.

In case you absolutely have no sawdust or have a very little amount of, then you need to make some sawdust by yourself. You can do that with a wood grinder or sanders. You have to gently put the sanders upon the woodwork then trim a little amount off from the upper surface of the woodwork.

If the woodwork is really thin, then you have to use something else. This should give you enough sawdust.

​Step -2 Mixture

Then you need to add the sand dust that you collected with some kind of wood glue. You need to pour some glue on the sand dust then stir them with a knife or your hand. If you use your hand, you should wear a protective glove. First, add a little bit then increase the amount according to the requirement. You have to mix the mixture until it takes the form of a dough. When will you understand that the dough is ready? The answer is that you keep stirring them until you can roll them between your fingers. 

Step-3 Add the Wood Filler

You have to make sure that you are putting the wood filler efficiently. Just take some of the wood filler in hands then push the sticky fillers into the gauge or hole of the wood. Apply downward pressure so that it enters into the gauge and hole. Then level the upper portion of the filler with the hand so that they remain at the same level as the woodwork. If your glue is stickier, then you should use a protective glove to prevent any kind of glue from sticking to your hand.

After leveling them properly, you should deliver your finishing touch. You can also fill any kind of scratch with this filler. Follow the same process and fill the scratch with the wood filler. Then level it with your hand. 

Step-4 Finishing Touch

You have to first rub the woodwork surface with the lath for finishing. For better polishing, you can use sandpaper. All you have to do is to take small sandpaper then rub the woodwork thoroughly. Then at the end, stain them properly. After staining the woodwork, the filler would be almost invisible.


Always try to collect the sand dust from the intended woodwork so that it matches with the woodwork. I hope you have understood how to make wood filler from sawdust. With this wood filler, you will get the effective performance and save some money.

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