How to Put a Bobber on a Fishing Pole

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Bobbers are used for putting a hook in certain depth. That’s why you need to know how to put a bobber on a fishing pole.They don’t let the hook go too deep or too shallow. People use them mainly to maintain their desired depth. When you go fishing, you want to do fishing at a certain depth. Different fishes like to swim at different depth. So if you want to catch more fish, you need to know how deep in water you want your hook to reach. These bobbers will let you do that. 

How to Put a Bobber on a Fishing Pole

Bobbers let you do fishing in a shallow area by keeping the hook just beneath the water. It also alerts users when any fish takes the bait. They help you to identify which area you are fishing and where is your hook position. They add weight to the hook and help you to throw them at a desirable distance. To know how to put bobbers on a fishing pole, you need to know the features of different bobbers. Different bobbers have different structures. So you have to follow a different procedure for different bobbers. There are many types of bobbers in the market. You will be overwhelmed by the variety of bobbers found in the market. In this article, we will mainly focus on three kinds of bobbers.

  • Round bobbers
  • Stick bobbers
  • Slip bobbers

There are other types of bobbers too. You can look them up on the internet. But this three are commonly used around the world. The unique condition requires specialized bobbers. For that, you have to choose your own bobbers according to your specification. Each type of bobbers has a different kind of process of attaching them to the line. They are also suited for a different condition. One might be good for shallow water, while others might be good for deep water. It will depend upon the condition of your fishing area. The distance between the hook and bobber will totally depend upon the depth you want to fish. Adjust the distance according to your requirement.

Round Bobbers

These bobbers are frequently operated. They have a round shape which sometimes looks similar to the poke-ball from Pokemon. They are really easy to attach. But for your easement, I will divide the process into several steps.

Step 1

These round shape bobbers have a hook on both sides. First press the bottom hook. That will elevate the upper hook a little bit. Then tie the line with the upper hook pressing the upper hook.

Step 2

Then take the pressure off from the bottom hook. The upper hook will return to its previous position. That will secure the line tightly with the upper hook.

Step 3

Press the upper hook now. That will pop the bottom hook. Then strap the line again with the hook in a similar style. Then let go of the upper hook.

This should be enough to strap the round bobber to your line.

Stick Bobber

These bobbers are getting popular gradually. These bobbers are quite effective for fishing at shallow water. If you want to place your hook at a depth around three feet, these bobbers are a perfect match for that. The vibration and floating ability of these bobbers make them more demandable. These bobbers are highly sensitive. Thus they will alert you instantly whenever any fish catches your bait. This will make your fishing more efficient. These bobbers have some shortcomings. As I have said they are good for depth around three feet, they are not suitable for you if you want to fish more than three feet below.

Step 1

These bobbers have a kind of cylindrical shape. They have two stick-like formations at both ends. In one end there is a spring attached to the bobbers. You have to use that spring to strap your line with the bobbers. So first press the spring downwards.

Step 2

Whenever you press that spring downwards, you will see that there is a slot beneath the spring. You will have to wrap the line around that slot. Most proficient way of doing that is to wrap the line twice around the slot and then let the spring go. It will tighten the line with your bobber.

Slip Bobber

They are a little bit like stick bobbers. But has a little bit round shape in the middle. It has that buoyancy and sensitivities. It has best of both round and stick float. They are suitable for river, lake and even sea. They can be operated for any kind of depth. The depth can be adjusted. It offers a great amount of flexibility to the users. They are also quite available.

Step 1

First of all, you need a bobber stop. This will stop the float from falling down. The distance that you have to place your float depends upon your requirements. You can adjust the float stop at any position depending upon the depth. This comes with a tube. You have to insert your line into the bobber stop. Then remove the tube. Then tie the bobber stop firmly with your line. This bobber stop is strong enough to hold the bobber and flexible enough to slide it over the line. You can slide the float stop to change the position of bobbers.

Step 2

This slip bobber has a tube-like hollow that is extended from one end to the other end of the bobber. Insert the line into the hollow then push bobber along the line until it hits the bobber stop. You can always change its position by adjusting the bobber stop.


You need to choose the right kind of bobber according to the type of fishing you will be doing. These bobbers increase the efficiency of your fishing. How efficiently you will be able to fish, will depend on your right implication and choice of the bobber. There are specialize bobbers with extra features for an exceptional situation. You can look for them online.

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