How to Put Fishing Line on an Open Face Reel

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If your fishing line is not in good condition, it may be difficult to catch a fish. The fishing line may not be in good form due to the sun’s heat. It may also get damaged due to overuse. Whatever the reason may be, you should replace your fishing reel. You can find both closed face and open face reel. Open face reel is convenient for most fishermen. You should know how to put fishing line on an open face reel.

How to choose a fishing line?

Fishing line is very important equipment in fishing. It is used to place the bait and lure. It is also used to hook the fish.  You can get many types of fishing line in the market. Monofilament fishing line is very popular due to its strength. Braided lines, fluorocarbon, etc. are also available. You should choose one according to your fishing style.

If you want the best quality fishing line that is suitable for an experienced angler, then you should buy slime fine fishing line. Along with top quality fishing lines, you also need good fishing rods. The top fishing rods brands include G. Loomis, Fenwick, Shimano, etc.

Open face reel vs. closed reel

The spinning reels have two designs: open face and closed. The side of the line is open in an open face reel.  The line is surrounded by a wire bail. It is used for distance casting. A locking mechanism prevents the handle from reversing when you pull the fish. While casting, you can use your hand to guide the line.

A closed reel is surrounded by a metal cup. There is a hole at one of the ends. There is a button that is used to snap the rod. The closed reel is cheap and easy to use.

How to put fishing line on an open face reel?

Putting or replacing the fishing line on an open face reel is very easy. You need to follow certain steps. Make sure you buy a good quality fishing line that will last for a long time. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • First, remove the old fishing line and dispose it off properly. It may cause damage to the aquatic life and the environment if not disposed off the right way.
  • See if there is any sign of dirt or abrasion in the spool and bail mechanism. If there is, you must clean it thoroughly.
  • Take the new fishing line and make sure that the bail is opened on the reel.
  • Then run the new fishing line through the rod guides.
  • You should run about 8 inches of line around the spool. Then change the direction to form a loop.
  • You should then hold the tag end of the line. After that, around the double line, make three revolutions.
  • Pull the tag end to tighten it. Cut the tag end with a nail clipper.
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    You should close the bail and then turn the handle of the reel. You must ensure that the line wraps around the spool properly.
  • Angle Double Right
    You should inspect the direction in which the bail rotates. The new line should be on the spool in opposite direction to which the bail rotates.
  • Angle Double Right
    You should now find out the direction of the new line by turning the handle of the reel a few times.

The open reel is preferred by many anglers as it provides the flexibility of controlling the fishing line manually. It may be a little difficult for the beginners. You have to be careful when putting the fishing line on the open face reel as the line may twist. With practice, you will get good at it and will be able to replace the fishing line easily.  

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