How to Reset a Scope to Factory Zero

If you want to use one scope over different rifles, then it is important to know how to reset a scope to factory zero. Different rifles have different barrel lengths and different calibres. That’s why the way a weapon is zeroed can be affected. You need to center your optic for making adjustments. By centering an optic, you make room for more adjustments, and so you can shoot at a farther distance more precisely.

When you put your scope in another rifle, it can be stressful to make adjustments. Even minor adjustments in the scope will result in major adjustments on the target. The process takes a lot of time. By resetting the scope to factory zero, you can reduce this time. It is very easy to do so, and all you will be doing is that you will reset the scope to the default setting. In this article you will learn how to do it.

How to Reset a Scope to Factory Zero

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There are two methods of resetting the scope to factory zero. One is the Mirror method, and the other is the Counting method. You can choose either of these methods. You will need to practice the methods a few times before you can do it perfectly. The methods are very easy, and you will learn it very quickly. Here, we are going to discuss both methods of resetting the scope of a rifle to factory zero.

Mirror Method

For this method, you need a room that is properly illuminated and a mirror. If the scope has a sunshade, remove it. If the sunshade is fixed, you need to use a lens cover. You should follow these steps:

  • Set the scope flush.
  • If the scope is optically centered, the actual reticle will be visible; but if it’s not, there will be a shadow of the reticle. In such case, you will need to line up the shadow reticle with the actual reticle.
  • This can be achieved by adjusting the turrets.
  • Once the actual reticle and the shadow are aligned, your optic will be optically centered.

Counting Method

Unlike the mirror method, you can reset the scope in a dark environment and without any mirror using the counting method. However, it is a little time-consuming. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • You need to spin the elevation and the windage one by one.
  • You must fully center the elevation or the windage.
  • You should then spin the turret to the farthest on one direction.
  • Stop when you feel a resistance and start turning the turret in the opposite direction.
  • angle-right
    You must count the clicks as you turn.
  • angle-right
    After you are done with the rotation, count the number of clicks.
  • angle-right
    Divide this number by two.
  • angle-right
    Start rotating the turret in the same direction you rotated the first time till the number of clicks equals this number that you got by dividing the number of clicks by 2. Now you are optically centered.


You shouldn’t hurry when resetting the scope to factory zero. It is very important to do it accurately. Before using any of these methods, you should unmount the scope from the rifle. If you haven’t used your rifle for a long time or have borrowed someone else’s rifle, then you must optically center the scope before using it. This way you won’t have any trouble when you go shooting or hunting. Both the methods of optically centering the scope are easy. You should make sure that you do all the steps correctly. Once the scope is reset to factory zero, you can have a great hunting or shooting experience.

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