How To Use Mouthwash Correctly Based On Your Purpose

Mouthwash has now become an emblem of oral hygiene. It freshens up your breath, helps prevent cavities and treat gingivitis. Before learning how to use mouthwash, you must know that there are two main types of mouthwashes you can choose from, Cosmetic and Therapeutic.

Cosmetic mouthwash masks bad breath but is not able to treat the cause of bad breath. Therapeutic mouthwash, on the other hand, can kill the bacteria that causes the bad breath. Therapeutic mouthwashes reduce plaque, gingivitis, and cavities.

The instruction of your dentist on how to use mouthwash correctly should be emphasized. In general, they recommend using mouthwash before or after brushing or flossing. If your dentist has prescribed whitening mouthwash then this list of the very best whitening mouthwash may provide a lot of value to you.

Choosing Your Mouthwash:

How To Use Mouthwash
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    Cosmetic Mouthwash:

    Use it if your main goal is to freshen up your breath. It is mainly used after a pungent meal to reduce the smell.

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    Therapeutic Mouthwash: Therapeutic mouthwash can fight bacteria that cause bad breath, and reduces plaque and treats Gingivitis. Also provides whitening effect sometimes.
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    Fluoride Mouthwash:

    Fluoride mouthwash gives protective coating, keeps your teeth from getting cavities. It’s mainly used while using mouthwash after brushing.

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    Prescribed Mouthwash: 

    Mouthwashes prescribed by dentists or doctors fall under this category. In case of oral infections, mouth pain, Xerostomia, Lack of Saliva and some other mouth problems, these are recommended. It’s applicable for using mouthwash before or after brushing.

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    Herbal Mouthwash: 

    Herbs promote good oral hygiene and help to avoid dyes and chemicals. Rosemary, Clove and peppermint are all herbs that have been being used in preparations for mouthwash due to their antibacterial, antiseptic and cooling properties.

Procedures Of Using Mouthwash:

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    Pouring Proper Dosage In A Cup:

    If your mouthwash was not prescribed, then you have to fix your dosage yourself. Go through the label of your mouthwash to learn the dosage. Generally, bottles these days come with a small cup for measurement. In most cases, A dose of 25-30 ml is recommended. Fluoride mouthwashes require a lesser amount. You don’t actually worry about the measurement too much. Use enough to fill your mouth with freshening effect without making you feel uncomfortable.

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    Pouring It Into Your Mouth:

    Make sure you pour all the mouthwash at once by tipping the cup into your mouth. You don’t want to squirt out the mouthwash all over the floor, so make a seal using your lips. Don’t swallow the liquid, as it contains chemicals that can harm your digestive system.

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    Swishing For A Period of Time: 

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    Spitting It Out:

It’s mandatory for you to know how to use mouthwash if you want to maintain a good oral hygeine. I hope this article will help you with one. Good luck. You may also want to know whether to use a mouthwash on a daily basis or not. 🙂

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