Max Polyakov’s Training Secrets for Preparing a Doggie for Completions

Living among people is a certain thing for dogs but this environment still hides too many challenges and surprises for them. That’s why a master should do everything to create an ideal world for his pet. Max Polyakov is an expert in dog training matters. His pet Firefly had a long way to become a well-tamed animal that doesn’t have any problems in the world which belongs to humans. Each dog owner has to understand that by teaching his four-legged friend he makes its life easier. But mention that training processes shouldn’t be filled with shouting and deterrence. Max Polyakov wants all dog masters to remember that you have to become friends with your animals. Firefly knows that it can count on its owner and isn’t afraid of him.

Training Secrets from Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov shares the main criteria which helped him to teach Firefly successfully:

  • Before starting the educational sessions, find out if your pet’s health is Ok. Take it to the animal medical consultant and repeat those visits permanently.
  • Create a schedule of your training lessons. A dog must get used to this graphic and understand that it’s a serious process.
  • Repeat a command regularly. Don’t confuse your dog by trying to teach it a few exercises at a time. This situation  will only confuse it. That’s why you should make sure that a pet learnt a command. Repeat it for a few days and ask your environment  to do the same thing.
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    Be friendly to your pet. Max   Polyakov is sure that if he yelled at Firefly, nothing would work. Talk to it in a calm manner and create an atmosphere of   trustiness.
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     Don’t overload your dog with information.Divide training sessions by 5-10 minutes and repeat them again for a few times during a day.           
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    Grant your pet with some delicacies for a good behavior and well-performed commands.
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    Add sport and engaging activities to your lessons. A dog will like the way it spends time with its master. Walking, jumping, a tunnel running, barrier crossing, boards using will easily help you to train your dog.Max Polyakov’s Firefly was ready to take part in tournaments after teaching. It became patient and its manners impressed everybody out there. If your dog gets the best education from you, it never shows bad behavior again!

Final Words

In case your dog is as active as Max Polyakov’s Firefly is, you will need to be patient to tame it. As a reward, you will get a disciplined pet which will be able to return many thanks to you. It will become as confident and easy-going as Firefly is.

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