Purchasing Air Hockey Tables: What You Need to Know

Whether you’re looking for new accessories to alter the look of your house or are settling into a new one, an air hockey table could be just the thing you need. A fast-paced, thrilling game for people of all ages, no doubt, the air hockey table has its own set of pros and cons and is seen as a casual way to competitive fun.

Resembling a pool table, air hockey is far from the game and is fun in its own way. However, like most tables, an air hockey table is likely to come with a not-so pretty price tag and can be a weight on you financially. Read on to learn on all you need to know about the table.

When deciding on whether to purchase a table or not, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Is there room for one? Where will it go? What kind of table do I need?

What Exactly Are You Looking for?

If you’re a beginner who’s just starting out, you may be interested in a lightweight table that’s designed for younger players. Whilst the table is a bit unstable, it teaches you the basics of the game and offers a more casual game play than advanced air hockey. However, if you’re already familiar with the game and want something more upscale, you may want to invest in a more stable table with a larger playing field. While these tables are durable enough, if you’re more focused on purchasing a table for your arcade or a gaming area, look for fully sized air hockey tables. These tables are not just larger, but have thick rink walls and smoother surfaces to make for the best gaming experience.

Where to Look

If you’re running low on finances, fear not, you’re not the only one. An air hockey table isn’t exactly like spending a fortune and it most certainly isn’t cheap either. Some brands, however, can sell tables for a pretty hefty price tag. You may want to do your research before you make up your mind. A used air hockey table is a good alternative for if you’re wanting to purchase the table at a lower price. When paying, however, make sure the table is in good quality and worth your money. While the Atomic Top Shelf’s 7.5 air hockey table is our best pick at $534, other brands such as MD sports offer more affordable options.

Room and Design

Since you’ve wanted to purchase an air hockey table, we’re also assuming that you had an idea in your head of where exactly you were going to place it. If not, (geez, seriously?) and if so, you might have a plan and a room designated for the table. This means that the room must have at least ten foot by seven foot area of space for a table.

Whilst many people intend on having a “gaming room” is most establishments instead of houses, (this isn’t Bill Gates Mansion) the table can be a great option for clubs and bars and even workplaces.

All Work and Some Play?

Whilst it may seem kind of strange to have an air hockey table present in a professional workplace, is it really that bizarre? Experts say that having a break between work times can improve productivity and work performance, so perhaps an ideal work break could be grabbing a cup of coffee and a puck thrower in the other. A good choice for a community break room or a visiting room even, (because waiting can be agonizing).

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