Top 10 Home Warranty Companies on the Market

Home warranty companies provide coverage against wear and tear, repair and replacement of mechanical systems and appliances in homes. Home warranty protection serves as an effective safety net for homeowners, by providing the necessary coverage to mitigate the high costs of replacing damaged, outdated, or irreparable systems and appliances. The industry is laden with suppliers, many of whom offer sub-optimal services to clients. The best home warranty providers are those which come highly recommended by clientele, with a proven track record of delivery. Industry-leading entities include companies offering multiple plans, comprehensive coverage, clear T&C, positive online reviews, and responsive customer support.

To qualify for the mantle of top 10 home warranty operators on the market, companies must pass multiple check marks. These include transparency of operations, affordability and fair pricing, favourable client reviews, credibility, and impromptu evaluations (mystery shoppers) of the listed home warranty providers. Home warranty providers offer a range of bundled services to residents in specific states, or nationwide. These protections are afforded to house owners, homeowners, home buyers and home sellers. The most effective way to gauge the efficacy of home warranty companies is through expert evaluation. Review Home Warranties is an industry-leading authority on the topic, with an estimated 20+ years of excellence in comparing home warranty services. The following top 10 listing has been generated:

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Review

This company has a deductible of $75 – $100, and comes with an annual premium, ranging between $284 – $623. Among the many positives are a BBB rating of A, it is an industry-leading authority, with multiple plan types and emergency services. It scores best in terms of trustworthiness, coverage, and clarity of fine print, making it a top choice for homeowners.

Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty has been in the game for over a decade. It offers a wide selection of plans, and there is a free reservice period for parts. It also offers a basic plan starting at $34 per month, and there are many cheap options available too. It offers broad coverage across the US, from Alabama through DC and well beyond. Choice Home Warranty is regarded highly among customers with a 96.8 rating.

Landmark Home Warranty

This home warranty company has limited coverage in Utah, Texas, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona, but it has won critical acclaim with a customer satisfaction award, and a wide range of affordable and comprehensive plans. With an 86.4 rating, it is also highly regarded by customers, and makes its way onto the top 10 listing.

Select Home Warranty

This company is widely known by customers across the US. It boasts a 98.5 rating with near universal coverage across the US. From a customer satisfaction perspective, Select Home Warranty ranks highly, with the overwhelming majority of reviews being positive. It offers a platinum care gold plan, and the highest levels of professionalism and service excellence in the industry.

American Home Shield

AHS is one of the better-known home warranty providers in the United States. It is an established company and a credible operator. Coverage limits range between $1,500 and $3,000, with a deductible of $75 – $125. The annual premium ranges between $420 and $720. Among the many pros are emergency service availability, complimentary cancellation within 30 days, and it is an established enterprise with a unique selection of available plans.

Total Home Protection

This home warranty provider has a super rating of 91.2, with only a small number of Better Business Bureau complaints. It also boasts impressive reviews on Google Places, and it offers reservice for failed parts. Customers also have a complimentary month when signing up for a full year of service. Total Home Protection is available across most US states, and offers fast and friendly customer support and service.

America's First Choice Home Club

With a rating of 80.9, this up-and-coming home warranty provider certainly strikes the right chord with customers in the US. It is a market veteran with multiple plan types, and emergency service availability. Customers can enjoy 24/7 support and service with complimentary cancellation within 30 days. Established in 2009, this private company offers good coverage and affordable plans. Coverage terms include 1 month, 12 months, 36 months, with multiple account types tailored to customer budgets. A wide range of systems is supported by the home warranty plans including A/C units, heating systems, plumbing, electrical, and home appliances.

HMS National

HMS National home warranty services rank in the top 10, although they have an overall rating of 65. As a market veteran, this established enterprise offers emergency services and free cancellations within 30 days. It is trustworthy, but the number of positive reviews is outweighed by the number of negative reviews. There is a $100 deductible and a premium which ranges between $500 and $588. Clients are effective in 30 days, and coverage limits range between $1000 and $3000. This company has annual revenues of $77 million with high levels of Internet traffic, and 40,000 independent contractors. It is a leading brand, but not without its drawbacks.

BFS Home Warranty

BFS has a rating of 65.10, and more positive reviews than negative reviews at Review Home Warranties. It is a market veteran with a BBB rating of A-, and there are low optional coverage costs. Clients are effective in within 30 days, and there is a $0 cancellation fee, but coverage limits are restricted to $500. The deductible ranges between $0 and $55, with premiums between $375 and $700.

First American Home Warranty

This home warranty company has an overall rating of 76.20. It is also an industry-leading authority, with established operations and low coverage costs. Cancellations within 30 days are possible (free), and there are low optional coverage costs. With a deductible of just $75, and coverage limits up to $2500, this is certainly a home warranty provider worth considering.

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