How to Wear a Knee Brace With Pants?

People often wear a knee brace for post-operation knee support. They also wear them due to any kinds of joint-related disease. These braces provide additional support to the weak joint of the knee. People generally wear them over their cloth. These braces are thick, which makes it difficult to wear under pant. So it is recommended to wear them over your pant. So people using knee braces often want to know how to wear a knee brace with pants. Because at the first-time knee braces are strapped by the doctors at operation theater or patient cabin. So when they have to remove them for some reason and wear them again, they find it awfully hard to strap them properly.

How to Wear a Knee Brace With Pants?

Knee braces consists of different components which are carefully assembled to assist the ailing knee joints. They are hard to wear in the right way for any person who is new to this item. It contains some straps, cone, and hinges. You will have to adjust them according to your requirement. If knee braces aren't worn correctly, it might not be able to provide adequate assistance to your knee joints. Every element of these braces should be placed in the right alignment to match your ailing feet.

There are several types of knee braces in the market. Each braces has its own unique features. They might require a different method to wear them. I will use T Scope post-op knee brace as an example. For other models, procedures should be almost the same.

You should sit on a bed to wear them. Spread your leg straight then start wearing them.

Step 1

  • First, you have to know the feature or element of this knee braces. If you have a different model, then check their components too.
  • This knee brace consists of four hinges, two of them on each side of the braces. They support the upper part and lower part of the knee. They are moveable. You can slide them up and down according to your comfort level.
  • In the beginning, you have to place the brace loosely on your feet. Then make sure that hinges are parallel to your feet in a straight position. They should be horizontal to the ground, in this case, your bed.

Step 2

  • Start sliding them to adjust with your feet. You have to ensure that upper hinges remain above the knee and lower hinges stay below the knee. Otherwise, you won’t be able to bend your knee properly. Moreover, it will put a strain upon your knee.

Step 3

  • In the next step, you need to fix the cone. Here cone is a kind of rotating joint which allow the brace to bend along with your knee. It doesn’t have any linear motion. It only has angular motion. You can fix or limit the angular movement to your required level. To do that you have to set the minimum and maximum amount of angular movement.
  • You can do that with a switch near the cone. Doctors recommend setting minimum angular movement to zero means when the angle between your lower part of leg and thigh is zero degrees. The recommended maximum angular movement is ninety degrees when your lower part of the leg and your thigh is in a ninety-degree angle. It will make sure that no over bending happens to your leg. It will prevent your leg from severe injuries that might be caused by balance lost and stumbling.

Step 4

  • After adjusting cones and hinges with your leg, wrap the strap loosely over your leg. These braces have four straps. Two above the knee and two below the knee. The laces of those straps can be adjusted.

Step 5

  • You need to tighten the straps. But before finally securing the strap, make sure that no excess laces have remained anywhere else. That will totally imbalance your braces. So make sure no excess lace remains.

Step 6

  • Finally, you can tighten the brace according to your requirement. You should not tight too much because that will put extra pressure on your weak joint. You also cannot keep them loosely. Then it will not provide you with enough support. So, perform this final stage with great care.


Your doctor will suggest you with knee braces depending upon your situation. If you feel uncomfortable or want to change the braces for some reason, don’t do it by yourself. You should consult with your doctor first. Try them before buying and make sure that it fits your knee properly. If you have any problem understanding the setup of your braces, you can take your doctor’s help. Always keep a small amount of empty places between the strap and your leg. The easy way to find out that is to insert two fingers into your tightened braces. If they enter, then it is okay. Don’t leave your braces until you are fully recovered.

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