What Are Water Shoes & Why Do People Wear Them?

Water shoes are used in places where the feet could get wet. It is used during kayaking and canoeing and taking part in other water sports and activities. It also protects the feet from abrasion and to prevent cuts. Despite popular belief it is not used to keep the feet dry but rather to protect it. You need the right kind of footwear for any kind of sporting or physical activity that you undertake to ensure peak performance. Water shoes can guarantee safety and mobility that a normal shoe may not guarantee when it comes performing any physical activity underwater. It also guarantees you comfort because of its unique design which also makes it lightweight. So let us dive deep and take a better look at what are water shoes?

When you are wading through water with a rocky surface maybe under a river terrain or an ocean floor then you might wanna look for that extra layer of protection which will safeguard you feet from getting cut or bruised. Because water shoes cover the entire feet and have protective layer that shields the toe they can prevent your feet from getting cut from the sharp edges and also from having a stubbed toe. And even if you are planning to spend the entire day at the beach your water shoes may protect your feet from harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun and save your feet from getting burned.

Water Shoes

Water shoes have a rubber outsole. This is why when you are walking on slippery and wet surfaces, water shoes can prevent you from tumbling down and injuring yourself because the outsoles can ensure traction and grip which a normal footwear may fail to do so.

I am sure when you walk with a normal footwear underwater you feel constrained and almost as if you have a wrecking ball chained to your feet. Water shoes on the other hand have inner and outer soles made up of rubber which push aside water to the side and help you move almost frictionlessly. This coupled with its lightweight design make the water shoe a perfect footwear underwater and even on dry surfaces. Normal shoes absorb a lot of water which increases their weight and it also makes you feel unwanted discomfort. It will also cause bruises,blisters,odor and growth of molds which will make the shoe a nightmare to put on. In order to prevent these nuisances a water shoe has a well lot of drainage points and holes to get rid of excess water from getting absorbed or building up.

For an enhanced breathability and drainage, water shoes are made up of mesh materials that helps the feet to remain cool. It is also important to regulate temperature underwater as bad circulation may adversely affect performance under water. So to make sure that temperature is regulated the mesh materials provides insulation that keeping the feet warm in cold water. If keeping your feet underwater for a long time is not your priority then purchase an water shoe that will increase your heel cushioning.

Water shoes come in various style and types. Some water shoes are good for a nice poolside protection while others are great for a day at the beach and swimming in the sea. Others such as lace-up water shoes are great for super intense outdoor sports and activities like hiking and stuff like that.

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You might wonder “when do I wear water shoes?” Well,they are just awesome for kayaking, canoeing, fishing, boating and other water sports. They are also great for hiking on wet surfaces, swimming in the pool, sea, rivers, lakes and canals.

Now that you know what are water shoes you may be confused and ask yourself “where can I get water shoes?” don’t worry cause this best water shoes review might do wonders for you if you are fixated on that question. So what are you waiting for go and grab ‘em.

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