What Car Stereo Fits My Car?

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The automotive stereo manufacturers are coming up with a new model of stereos that can give you a great driving experience. They are constantly upgrading the stereo and including new features. The cassette players have been replaced by the CD players, and now the car stereo system has mobile phone connectivity and MP3 connectivity features. Having the latest stereo system in your car is important for a better driving experience. When buying a new car stereo, many people wonder ‘what car stereo fits my car.’ It can be quite difficult to choose the right stereo for your car. Here, you will get a guideline to choose the right car stereo that fits your car.

What car stereo fits my car

Buying a car stereo can be exciting. But not knowing what stereo will fit your car can be a problem. Here is a guideline for choosing a stereo that fits your car.

Head unit

You need to make sure that the head unit is of the standard size. DIN is the most common size. It has dimensions of 50mm X 180mm. There is no standard measurement for the depth. You will find double DIN head unit in Japanese vehicles which has the same width as the DIN head but is two times taller. The American manufacturers like GM and Chrysler use 1.5 DIN. In such a case, you need to use an adapter kit for the head unit to fit. The new cars often have non-standard sizes of the head unit. So, it becomes harder to replace factory stereo with the aftermarket stereo.


The size of the speakers varies, and it’s difficult to generalize which manufacturers use what kind of speaker. The common OEM sizes of speakers are 3,5’’, 4.5’’, 4 X 6’’, 5 X 7’’, etc. You can mount speakers in two ways: top mount and bottom mount. You will find a catalog of the different speaker sizes and which car it fits online. When buying new speakers, you should check the power handling and sensitivity of the speaker as well. People often buy tweeters or subwoofers.


If you want to have an amplifier for a clearer sound, then you should have a head unit with RCA outputs so that you can connect the amplifier with it. When you install an amplifier, make sure that you mount it to the subwoofer box to reduce vibrations and other noise problems.

Use car stereo size database

You will find car stereo size database online. You will get the right information about the fit and size of the aftermarket car audio components. The car audio stores also have such a database that keeps track of the size of the head units, speakers and other components.

Take measurement physically

Instead of relying on guesswork, you can take measurements of the head unit and speaker yourself. This way you will be able to buy the head unit and speaker of the right size.

Buying an aftermarket stereo for your car can be a bit difficult if you don’t know how to choose the right unit for your car. But you can easily get access to car stereo size database and use it as a guidance to purchase a new car stereo that fits your car. People often worry about installing the new stereo unit in the car or dealing with any problem related to the stereo. Whenever I have problem about Car Stereo, I just call my fellows at Stereo Authority, and they are just awesome. My friends at Stereoauthority.com are doing an excellent job.

How to find best car stereo

When you decide to buy a new car stereo, you should first determine your budget. You will find stereos of various price ranges and a budget will help you to select one from so many options. Make sure that the stereo has a USB port so that you can plug in your iPod or iPhone easily. The new car stereo systems now have lots of extra features, like GPS, touch screen display, Bluetooth, AUX port, satellite radio, HD radio, etc. So, you should buy a stereo that has your desired features.

You should buy a stereo that has great functionality. A good stereo can give you better quality sound. Most people listen to music while driving and so a good stereo system is an integral part of your driving experience. You should take time to learn about the different car stereo system and use car size database or take measurements to buy a car stereo that fits your car.

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