How to Remove Mildew Stains From Tent Trailer Canvas?

If you are a regular user of the tent trailer, you might have faced mildew and mold stains in the canvas of your tent. This mildew or mold are kinds of fungus that grows on the canvas of your tent. They create stains that discolour your tent. This kind of infestation is worse for white as the stains are more visible among white colour. That’s why you have to know how to remove mildew stains from tent trailer canvas. This kind of infestation occurs due to the moist in your canvas. These fungi need a moist and dark place to grow.

How to Remove Mildew Stains From Tent Trailer Canvas?

When you use your tent during the rainy season, your tent will get wet. If you do not pack them without drying properly, the mildew will grow in there. While it is in packaging, it remains in the dark. Added with the moist, it creates a perfect environment for these fungi to grow. They grow together and keep spreading until they fill up your whole tent. The also degrade your canvas, which reduces the life expectancy of your canvas tent. If you keep your tent in a moist state in the dark for too long, it may cause permanent damage to your tent. It can also make it non-usable.

You can remove this comfortably with your conventional household item. But beware of selecting cleaning ingredient. It is not recommended to use bleach on them. It will destroy your canvas. Soap also has to be avoided for canvas. These are harmful to the canvas. So avoid them at any cost.

To get rid of this problem, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Drying

The first thing you have to do is to remove the moisture from your canvas. You have to dry your canvas vigorously to destroy the suitable environment for these fungi. Thus most of them will dry out and will be easy to uproot. Sun should be enough to heat and dry your canvas tent. Just spread the canvas on your roof under the heat of the sun. It should be enough to remove the moisture from your canvas.

Step 2: Brushing

This is the primary cleaning. You have to clean your canvas twice. This step is the first cleaning. You have to find a brush with a moderate amount of grain. Then brush thoroughly. This should uproot the harden fungi from your canvas. But it will not clean your canvas completely. It will leave the roots and other residues in your canvas.

You can add some detergent with your brush for better cleaning. Always avoid soap. Don’t apply the detergent directly upon the canvas. Add them on your brush then apply them on your canvas. This should clear enough fungi from your canvas.

Step 3: Vinegar

Vinegar is a highly effective cleanser. You need to put some of these on the affected area. It should remove the stain from your canvas. You don’t need too much vinegar. A little bit will be enough. Start by adding a small amount of vinegar then keep increasing them according to the depth of the stains. It will remove both stains and smell from your tent. After applying the vinegar, keep them on your canvas for a while. Then brush them. That should clean the rest of the mildew.

Step 4: Hydrogen Peroxide

This is a quite reactive chemical. They are excellent dissolver. A small amount of hydrogen peroxide will dissolve the remaining fungi. This is an alternative solution if you do not have any vinegar. Don’t use too much hydrogen peroxide it might hurt your canvas. Too much of these hydrogen peroxides may cause a hole in your favourite canvas tent, which is terrible. So beware of the amount of peroxide, you use for your canvas.

Step 5: Rubbing Alcohol

Make a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol. It will remove the mold. They will also remove the stain in your canvas due to the mildew infestation. Remember, this is also an alternative to vinegar and peroxide. Any of these substances should be enough to kill the nasty mold and mildew from your tent.

Step 6: Brush Again

This the final touch to the cleaning process of your canvas tent. Brush the canvas tent with the cleanser from step three, four and five. Brush mildly all over the tent. Continue doing this until your canvas is completely clean. After the brushing, wash the surface of your canvas tent with water. Now inspect for any remaining mildews. If any remains then repeat the process. Once or twice should be enough to clean your tent adequately.


You should put more focus on prevention than cure. So always dry your canvas tent before packing it. Before packing, look for any moist area where this nasty fungus might attack. While brushing, be mindful of not harming the canvas of your tent. Old canvas is vulnerable to vigorous rubbing. After the cleaning process dries them properly for a day under the sunshine. Then pack them.

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