Buy a ping pong table – What You Need to Know

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There are several games that we can always enjoy to ensure we are physically and psychologically active. In this line, we cannot fail to recognize the importance of the ping pong game. This is because it can be played by all people both indoor and outdoor. Age bracket is not a problem here for its open to various categories of people. Having said that, the big challenge that, most people have is knowing how to get the right ping pong table, if you serious to buy one to visit ping pong passion.

This is because there are several brands out there with different structures and make which make it complicated for the first time buyer to get the right one. So in this article, you will get to know Buying Guide of Ping Pong table so that you cannot make the mistakes that most people have always committed.

Buying Guide of Ping Pong table

Playing Area

What matters most when it comes to ping pong table is the playing area. The surface area where you will be playing on will give you a great opportunity to enjoy the full game without any restrictions. A perfect area should have a length of 9 inches long and 5inches wide.

Another factor to be aware of is that the net bracket will increase the table width by 1 inch. For a better experience, you need an additional of 5 inches on both sides of the table. Check on the measurements of the place that you intend to station your ping pong table to ensure safe passage through the hallways, doorways, and stairwells

Check The Thickness of The Top Table

The thickness of the table normally affects the way in which the ball will bounce. When it’s too thick, the consistency throughout the surface of your table. However, when it’s too thin, then the ball will; have lower bounces in some parts of the table. This may affect how you generally play the game. If you want your table to be resistant to warping, then a thick table top will be your ideal choice.

Generally, ping pong tables are constructed with wood material which may cause variation in the density and warp resistance. However, almost all of them are covered with aluminum coating on the sides, top, and bottom. If you need a table for recreational or home play, choose one with inches thick, but the standard thickness of ping pong table range between 7/8 inches to 1 inch thick

Check on the legs of the ping pong table

When we talk about legs, you should be thinking about the durability and stability of your ping pong table. Those with ping pong passion would tell you that purchasing a table with a strong table will greatly benefit you. But as a guide to buying the best table, you need to kn0w that heavy-gauge steel legs will give a very strong foundation to your ping pong table. There are those with round legs and square legs. So picking the ones with square leg will ensure the durability and stability of your item is maintained

Assembly of The Table

When you are buying ping pong table, you need to decide whether you want those that are preassembled or one that you will assemble in your own. These options are available in the market, there are also some complex tables that will require the help of a technician to fix them for you while others can just be assembled in a minute time. So make the right decision.

Does it Have The Safety Features?

Those who play ping pong game are always moving around the table with an aim of controlling the ball. However, there are chances that you may get injuries if the table is not safe enough. So you must consider this if you wish to enjoy the game exclusively without any injury. So before you buy ping pong table, confirm if it has protective corners, locking play, locking wheels, storage & playback positions and if it can be easily transported.

Adjustable Feet

If you want to play ping pong game in the outdoor, then one problem you will have to face is unleveled ground. So to get rid of this issue, you can buy a table having adjustable feet where you can set the feet to level the table if you are in a ground that isn’t leveled

Other factors to check when buying ping pong table should include rail which helps to support the table and improve the look of the table, wheels which are useful for mobility, an accessory holder which helps to store balls and multiple rackets.

Finally, playback and storage position which gives an opportunity for new players to learn how to play and easily role ping pong table. If you follow all these Buying Guide of Ping Pong table, then you will get the best ping pong table that will serve you for a long time.

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