How to Anchor a Canopy on the Beach?

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One of the best ways to spend vacation is go to a beach destination and spend some relax time on the beaches. Though some people like to get tanned by lying on the beach, there are many people who are very cautious about the harmful effects of the sun. UV ray can cause photoaging or cancer. Putting on sunscreen may not give you full protection. By setting up a canopy on the beach you can stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays. You should know how to anchor a canopy on the beach so that you can take the full advantage of it. 

How to anchor a canopy on the beach?

It is a bit difficult to anchor canopy on the beach. But if you don’t do it properly, the canopy might fly away due to wind and hurt people on the beach. So, you need to make sure that it’s securely anchored. You need canopy that have guy line attachments. Though the weight of the canopy may be more but It will provide good grip to the canopy and make it strong.

You need to use a shovel to dig out about two feet of sand. Then place the anchor and cover the hole with wet sand. Use as much sand as you can.  You should get sand anchors which you can attach to the guy line using ropes.  Then attach the guy line to the anchor and pull really tight. This will prevent the canopy from blowing away if there is wind.

You can get best beach tents comparison in many websites. Different types of canopies are available in the market. For beach use, wind resistant canopy works best.

You can buy some ‘E-Z Up’ bags from stores. These are bags filled with sand that you can easily clip on the sides of the legs of the canopy. You should set up the canopy behind the lifeguard stands. Don’t set it up in places where people are playing soccer or badminton.

Buying guide

You will find various types of canopies in the market that are suitable for use in the beach. These canopies can also be used for camping or picnic. Beach canopies are usually made from nylon or polyester material. These tents also have UV protection, so you will be safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

The frames of the canopies are made from either steel or aluminum. If you are looking for something compact and portable then you should choose canopy having aluminum frame. Canopies with steel frames are stronger and safe to put up in a windy weather.

You can find canopy of different sizes. So, if you are going to the beach with your spouse and kids, you should buy a large canopy. You can buy baby canopies too if you have small children. It is better to buy bright colored canopy as it will be more noticeable. If you are on the beach with your kids, they will be able to find you easily.

Benefits of canopy

If you set up a beach canopy, you can have your own resting place. You can spend some private time with your loved ones. You can also keep your belongings safe. Kids can comfortably play inside a closed environment and can rest as well. You and your family will be protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

It is very easy to set up a beach canopy. You just need to be careful how you anchor it on the ground. Use sand bags to ensure that the canopy doesn’t blow away in heavy wind. There are many sites that compare different types of beach canopies. You should read the reivews before buying one.

Before going to the beach, you should try setting up the canopy at home. It will be a good practice. So, you won’t be wasting your precious time at the beach trying to set it up. Make sure you carry extra sand bags with you and a shovel to dig the sand.

So, next time you think of a beach holiday, make sure you buy a beach canopy so that you can enjoy your stay at the beach. It is better to buy a good quality canopy so that it lasts for a long time. You can later reuse it for camping or other purposes. Set up the canopy and stay protected and safe from the sun.

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