Why You Should Choose a Nebulizing Diffuser?

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Essential oils are a powerful substitute if you are looking for something that is just as effective, but perhaps safer, than alternative medicine and treatment options. Essential oils come with an array of health benefits and can help ease and reduce the symptoms of several different ailments.

Aromatherapy is one of the best and most common ways to utilize essential oils at home. And with a large selection of diffusers to choose from, it may be hard to narrow down your options when trying to find the best diffuser for your home.

What is a Nebulizing Diffuser?

Even if you are new to the aromatherapy world, you have probably heard mention of a humidifier ultrasonic diffuser. But have you heard about a nebulizing diffuser?

A nebulizing diffuser is the most efficient method to diffuse pure essential oils on the market today. It uses cool mist, water-less technology to disseminate pure essential into the environment in a short amount of time.  

Most nebulizing diffusers allow you to control the volume of scent diffused, not to mention a usage cycle that turns on for 2 mins and off for 1 min for the duration of 2 hours at which time they will automatically switch off. Not all nebulizers operate under the same parameters, but this is something you will want to look into before completing your purchase.

The Pros of Using a Nebulizing Diffuser:

A nebulizing diffuser allows you to experience the full range of benefits found deep within essential oils because a nebulizer does not dilute the oils with water nor is their chemical composition adulterated from heat or fire.

Another advantage of a nebulizing diffuser is they aren’t made from plastic. The essential oils of a nebulizer only come in contact with glass. Essential oils disintegrate plastic. When you add essential oils to a plastic water diffuser, oil and water don’t mix. The essential oil floats on the top of the water and eventually sticks to the edge of the plastic walls of the diffuser leeching potentially toxic chemicals and diffusing them into air.

The Cons of Using a Nebulizing Diffuser:

It’s no secret nebulizing diffusers consume essential oil at a faster rate than your popular plastic water units.

The other drawback is you can’t program them to run for 8 – 12 hours throughout the day. They usually run for about 2 hours and if you wish for them to run longer you need to turn them off and back on again.

The other negative thing about a nebulizing diffuser is they are usually priced much higher than their cheap plastic counterparts. If you are looking for something a quality nebulizing diffuser, be prepared to pay a higher price.

All things considered the benefits outweigh the negatives and you will feel much better about diffusing essential oils in a nebulizing diffuser rather than a plastic water essential oil diffuser.

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