What to Pack in a Hunting Backpack?

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Hunting is an extreme sport that many people enjoy. Though there is constant debate about protecting the wild animals, hunting is still very popular. If you like an adventure in its raw form, then you should go hunting. It will give a lifetime experience, and you will learn how to survive extreme conditions. Do you want to know what to pack in a hunting backpack? It has to be everything needed for survival but packed smartly.

Checklist of What to Pack in a Hunting Backpack

When you go hunting, you have to stay in the wilderness for some days. You can be faced with danger or extreme weather condition. So, you must pack the necessary items in your backpack. The backpack needs to be lightweight, at the same time it should contain everything so that you can stay comfortable and safe. You can buy backpack depending on whether you want to go on a day trip or overnight trip. Badlands, Maxpedition, Alps Outdoorz, Mystery Ranch, etc. are good brands.

When buying a backpack, you should consider the total pack space. Many backpacks have one large compartment and other medium sized pockets. These backpacks will help you to keep things organized inside your backpack. For big game hunting, you should buy internal frame hunting backpack. These can carry a heavy load and so is appropriate for carrying the meat after your hunting. These backpacks are comfortable for you to carry around. Here are the things you should put inside your backpack.


One of the first things that you should put inside your backpack is compact hunting binoculars. These are essential for spotting the animals you want to hunt. Good quality binoculars will put on less strain on your eyes and will last for a long time.

Essential Tools

Waterproof lighter and pocketknife are very useful tools. The lighter can help you put on fire and give you warmth and protection. You can use a pocketknife to cut things. A headlamp is essential for walking in the jungle at night. It is better to carry two of them, in case one of them dies off.

First Aid

You should carry a small first aid box containing antiseptic, cotton, bandage, etc. You should also put antibiotic ointment and ibuprofen in your first aid box. 

Sunscreen and Bug Sprays

Sunscreen and bug sprays can also be included in the first aid kit. The sunscreen will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun, and the bug spray will save you from nasty bug bites.

Rifle and Ammunition

You should invest in a good rifle or shotgun. That way you will be able to aim the bullets correctly. You should carry at least 30 rounds of ammunition. The reason for carrying so many of these is that you may miss the target and may have to try sometimes before you can hit your target.

Gps and Map

You must take a geological survey map with you so that you can know about your hunt area. You should carry a GPS as well so that you don’t get lost. A paper map is also handy in case the GPS doesn’t get a proper signal in some places.


For hunting, you will have to walk through bushes and uneven surfaces. So, you need a good Pair of hunting boots. It is better to buy light boots, as heavy boots will hurt your knees. Make sure you practice walking on them before going for hunting.


You need to take layers of clothing as it can be warm during the day and cool during the night. You should take a couple of pair of socks. You should put raingear in your backpack.


When you go on hunting, it’s best to carry freeze-dried meals or dried fruits and nuts. Carry at least one litre of water with you. You can take a lightweight stove for cooking.

Tent and Sleeping Bag

You should carry a single-wall tent and a sleeping bag if you stay overnight. These are compact and lightweight, and you will have a comfortable sleep.

The way you pack your backpack is very important when you go hunting. If it’s too heavy, you won’t be able to move around comfortably. If you forget to pack the essential things, then you may get into trouble. So, you should plan and make a list of the things you need to put inside your hunting backpack.

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