How to Hang Canopy Bed Curtains?

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Canopy beds are a decorative style of bed. Usually, they have fabrics canopy hanging from the four stands of the bed. To construct it, you need to know how to hang canopy bed curtains. Some canopy bed comes with ornamentation on the canopy. They serve as a romantic type of bed for couples. Kids like them for their fort-like structure. They come with a different type of decorative and lighting. They are colorful and decorative. They have rail attached to the top of the canopy to facilitate the canopy fabric and other ornaments.

Canopy beds are quite colorful. They are a quite attractive bed. They add C to your bedroom. The fabrics hang from the rail. Sometimes the roof is covered by cloths. Some roof of these canopy beds has a pointy dome-like structure which gives them a kind of castle-like shape.

How to Hang Canopy Bed Curtains?

These canopy beds were used by the noblemen of Europe and nobles from other parts of the world. Some bed used to be made fully of wood. They used to contain a different kind of curving as ornamentation. Nowadays the canopy bed that is used by peoples are mostly Victorian style. They have a bed frame, standing, and railings made of wood. Cloths are usually draped from the roof of these bed.

The process of how to hang canopy bed curtains is quite simple. You just need to attach the parts together, then adorn the top side of the bed with fabrics and other ornamentation. But if you need more assists, then I will make it easier for you. The whole procedure is divided into steps for your easement.

Step 1 - Take Out the Rail

You need to first take-off rail from the bed stand. A screwdriver should be enough to dismantle them. Make sure not to drop them while dismantling.

Step 2- Fabric

Fabric is the main component of the canopy of the bed. The bed stand and rail will act as the skeleton of your canopy, and these fabrics will be the flesh on them. How you will attach the fabrics with the rail depends on the shape and size of your fabric. The conventional canopy consists of draping fabrics and cloth roof. Before attaching with the rail, you should ensure that they are properly clean. Otherwise, they will look horrible. You don’t want your canopy bed to look like a troll house. Clean them properly then iron then to make them look good. The rod pocket in your draping fabric has to be wide enough for the rail’s diameter. Otherwise, you might need to change either your rail rod or the fabrics.

Step 3- Attach the Fabrics to the Rail

Take the rod pocket of the fabrics and then insert them in the rail. Make sure the window part of the canopy goes all the way to the ends of the rail. Insert fabrics in each of the rail rods. Then all you have to do is to attach them in the four corners of the bed. Then you have to drape the fabrics in a window shape to give it an aesthetic look. Always try to have a fabric which is colorful.

Step 4- Ornamentation

Attractive and colorful fabric will work as ornamentation for your canopy bed. Some people like to add lighting to adorn their canopy beds. To do that you can put lighting around the rail in the four sides of the bed. Floral garland can also be used for the decoration. You can attach a string of lighting of a different color to enhance your canopy bed. But be careful with the wiring, you might stumble over if you leave them casually. Beware of any spark from wearing. They might cause a fire if you are not careful enough. You can leave the middle part of the bed open.

If you don’t want them to be open, then you should buy fabrics or canopy with roof covering. Then you need to do some additional work to put the roof on your bed. Sometimes the roof is made like a pointy dome shape. In that case, your bed roof has to be bigger than your bed shape to provide extra fabrics for the extruded portion. Then you have to raise the middle part of the bed roof.


There are different kinds of canopy bed with a different structure. You might need to follow a slightly different procedure to set them up. There are many kinds of ornamentation found in the market for surplus decorations. One thing that you should consider is not to involve too much electric decoration as a precaution against fire. Intricate wiring has a higher risk of creating fire. You should focus more on the non-electric elements for decoration.

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