How to Stop Toilet Tank from Sweating?

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It is common to find your toilet sweating on hot days. But this is not a problem that you should ignore because it can keep your bathroom floor damp. Eventually, you might ruin your floor and your subfloor; which can cost you a lot of money for renovation. But before looking for ways to know how to stop toilet tank from sweating, you need to understand why this happens.

Why does Your Toilet Tank Sweat?

Think of your favorite iced drink on a hot summer day. It is common to find droplets of water gathering then running down your glass. This is because the temperature of your drink is lower than the temperature of the air. When the warm air hits your glass, it condenses and starts to form water droplets.

The same happens with your toilet tank. The water inside the tank is cold while the air around it is warm. When this warm air hits the tank, the water condenses and starts to run down. This is known as sweating and is very common on the hot spring and summer.

How to Stop Toilet Tank from Sweating?

You need to address the problem of your toilet sweating because it can cause a lot of damage. The water can make your floor slippery or cause mold in the subfloor. There are several options that you can consider if your toilet tank is sweating.

Cover the Outside of the Tank:

Toilet Tank from Sweating

A good option would be to cover the outside of your tank. This is probably the least expensive option. You can buy a cover or make your own cover. Most tank covers are made of towel material that is highly absorbent. The air will not hit a cold surface and this means that there will be no condensation. Even if some water droplets form, the material will absorb them fast.

Place a Fan:

You can place a fan near your toilet to fix the problem of sweating. You can also use the vent fan to dry any droplets of water that form. As you use the fan, you improve the ventilation in the bathroom which prevents sweating. This works best when there is enough space between the tank and the wall, giving air the room to circulate and dry.

A fan is more practical than a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier can reduce the humidity and the condensation in the bathroom but it will work non-stop since the bathroom is always humid.

Keep your Bathroom Cool:

Switch on the air conditioner to keep your bathroom cool. By reducing the temperature of the air, it will resemble the temperature of the water in the tank. This will prevent the formation of water droplets.

You can reduce the temperature and humidity in the room by changing some of your habits. Take shorter showers and avoid steaming your bathroom. You can also keep the door of the bathroom ajar. This will allow some cooler air from the rest of the house to get into the bathroom.

Install a Quick Fill Toilet Valve To Increase the Temperature of the Water:

An anti-sweat valve will help you overcome the problem of toilet sweating. This valve connects to the cold and hot water, thus increasing the temperature of the water in the tank. It introduces just a little warm water to the water feeding the tank. This means that there will be no difference between the temperature of the air outside the tank and the water inside. The valve controls the water intake so the hot water can be shut off when no tampering is needed once the weather gets cold.

Insulate the Tank:

You can easily insulate the interior of the tank. Although this task is time-consuming, it can be very effective. Hardware stores sell do-it-yourself kits that will help you fix the problem. These are also cheap to buy. All you have to do is to cut the panels and glue them to the interior of the tank, but you will have to empty it first.

Replace your Toilet:

Replacing your toilet is not the least expensive option, but is definitely cheaper than the cost of replacing your floor or subfloor. You can invest in a new low-flow toilet. This uses less water at each flush which means that the tank will not be filled with cold water thus reducing the sweats. More information on toilet repair kits can be found on here.

You don’t have to live with your toilet sweating every single day. These are some easy solutions that you can consider to overcome this annoying problem.

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