The Ultimate Guide to Budget Traveling

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What is the major thing that hinders many people from traveling? The universal answer that you will get to this question is money. Everyone says that they do not have enough money to travel. What if I told you that you do not to be rich to travel? Did you know that you can still enjoy traveling even in a budget?

There are different ways you can travel the world without money only if you allow yourself to be creative. This blog post will provide you with some tips and ideas on how to travel cheap but easily and conveniently.

Use A Local Bank Card

If you are traveling to a country where you will stay longer, it is excellent if you have a local bank card. If you use your home bank card, you will realize that it will be way more expensive as compared to using a local bank card.

I remember the last time that I traveled without a local bank card; I paid so much money on banking fees for 9 months. These are costs associated with international transfers and converting different currencies. You can't believe all these cost me more than 800 pounds.

Have The Right App

This is a very important tip for travelers who are on a budget. You can end up saving more money if you download the right transportation and accommodation apps. For instance, when it comes to transportation, using Uber is easier and cheaper as compared to using a taxi. The good thing is that it works in many countries around the world. You will need accommodation when traveling. Many people choose hotels, but if you would like some luxury, you can select Airbnb for the best deals at low prices. In most case, this option is cheaper than paying for hotel services.

Make Your Meals

When you are traveling, you cannot entirely depend on eating out because it is way too expensive. Because you want to save money, you should start making your meals, and you will be amazed by how much money you will save. You will find that many campsites, local homestays, and hotels have a kitchen where you can make your favorite meals.

If it is hard to find a kitchen, another option is to go for sandwiches because you don't need to cook all the meals. However, you should not skip meals in the name of saving money, right? Other ways in which you can save money on food include:

Street food- Larger cities have many street vendors who sell almost everything ranging from cuisines to exotic dishes.

Buffest- These are great eating destination for families on vacation. One buffet for a single meal can keep you full the whole day and even carry some leftovers.

Local food- Don't be afraid, eat as the locals do. This will help you save money if you are visiting another country. Eating at local places can save you up to ¾ of the cost of eating at tourist places.

Refilling your water bottle-You don't always have to buy water all the time. You can have a refillable water bottle to cut down the cost of purchasing water.

Use Local Transport

Even if you are visiting cheaper countries, traveling from one place to the other can be expensive. If you want to travel cheap, you can use local transport or get your own means of transport. Hiring a car or motorbike is cheaper and you can go any place that you want

Free Walking Tours

You don't have to spend money on all the services. You will find that so many countries in the world provide free walking tours and this can be a great way to adventure while you save money. 

Shop Around

During your trip, you will need to buy some items that you can home with you for memories. One rule when you are shopping is to avoid picking the first thing you find. You can visit different places and inquire about the price of that particular item. You can even inform the seller that you found a cheaper deal elsewhere on the same product.

Again, if you have some people around, the price will go down, so it is great to have a group with you.


Haggling is a popular culture among many countries in the world. In as much as it is normal, you need to observe some few tips to help you do it the right way. For instance, have a smile since you are not fighting. Your conversation in a bid to get a lower price should be friendly. If you find that the price is above your limit, walk away. Any seller will call you if they see that your price is reasonable.

Another bargaining tip is to avoid doing it too much. If you are visiting countries like Philippines and Indonesia, a little cut off on the price is enough to buy a whole family dinner.

Free Flights

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on flights, I always encourage travelers to sign up for free travel credit cards. Doing this will help you collect more points which you can use for free flights. You will find that many cards provide great signup bonus and this will help you get discounted flights or free flights.

Final Words

After going through this guide, I believe it will help you become a budget traveler. Like I mentioned before, you don't need to be rich to travel. If you organize yourself well, you can visit different places all over the world without spending too much money.

The tips I have covered above will help you save more on food, transport, accommodation, and other things. The next time you are planning your trip, make sure you have these tips in mind and you will have fun without breaking your bank.

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